Zakir Naik’s Father Passes Away in Mumbai Hospital

Dr Zakir Naik's Peace TV broadcasts around the world
Dr Zakir Naik’s Peace TV broadcasts around the world

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MUMBAI — Dr Abdul Karim M Naik, father of popular Islamic scholar and preacher Dr Zakir Naik passes away at 3am in a Mumbai hospital on Sunday.

He was a general physician with clinical experience in diagnosing and treating the patients with various diseases. He was associated with Dongri Clinics and is quite well-known for his work.

A renowned family doctor in Dongri, Mumbai, Dr Abdul Karim M Naik had been practicing successfully and was well known in the city.  Dr Zakir Naik has been living in Saudi Arabia after a media and political storm in India accusing him of allegedly inspiring extremists in Bangladesh with his television speeches.  Dr Naik is immensely popular across the Islamic world for his television sermons and lectures.  The BJP government in Maharashtra and the Center has ordered investigation into Dr Naik’s activities and his Islamic Research Foundation trust that runs Peace TV.  His television speeches have been banned in India.  

Under the circumstances, it is doubtful if the Islamic preacher, who received Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Faisal Award for his contribution to the propagation of Islamic teachings, would be able to attend his father’s funeral.  

The chief minister of India’s Maharashtra state also ordered a probe against the preacher for his ‘hate speech’ inspiring the attack. Following the accusations and ban on Peace TV, Naik made it clear he never supported terrorism, saying no Indian official had contacted him for a clarification on the issue. In a statement, Naik expressed shock at the media trial against him and growing calls for a ban on his television channel.

“I do not support terrorism or violence in any form whatsoever. I have never supported any terrorist organisations and have mentioned this over and over again in thousands of my public talks worldwide,” he said. I strongly condemn anyone taking my statements out of context and using it for violence of any form, the televangelist said.


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