US Women’s March Co-Chair Linda Sarsour Vilified, the Internet Responds: #IMarchWithLinda


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Linda Sarsour is exactly what every white supremacist has nightmares about: a strong, fiercely unapologetic, hijab-wearing, Muslim, Palestinian woman who is determined to fight for justice. So what happens when you co-organize the largest march in USA history and declare, in front of millions, that you are “unapologetically Muslim American, uapologetically Palestinian American, unapologetically from Brooklyn” and defiantly “not afraid”?

Well, the alt-right/white supremacists of the internet will turn to the only thing they are good at: making up utter bullsh*it. Or, as their own Kellyanne Conway so eloquently coined for us: “alternative facts.” Trying to viciously smear civil rights activist Linda Sarsour as (you guessed it) connected to terrorism or “pushing Sharia.”

As people of color know, the new regime has emboldened and encouraged the trolls, fear-mongers, and bigots of the world. This type of harassment is of course not new, but it definitely cannot become normalized, accepted, or ignored.

But it seems the world has learned a thing or two about standing up and standing together against hate mongering. Civil rights activists, marchers, community organizers, a presidential candidate, journalists, national organizations, celebrities and everyday people from across the internet rose up in solidarity with Linda, making the #IMarchWithLinda hashtag trend globally!








Courtesy: Chicago Monitor


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