Tabrez Lynching Case: Murder Charge Reinstated Against 13 Accused in Supplementary Chargesheet

Tabrez Ansari was brutally assaulted by the mob. — File photo

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RANCHI— Taking a U-turn on Wednesday following huge civic pressure in the last few weeks, the Jharkhand Police on Wednesday filed a supplementary chargesheet in the court wherein murder charge was reinstated against 13 persons accused of brutally assaulting 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari in Saraikala-Kharaswan district in June this year. 

In the first chargesheet filed on July 29, the police had dropped murder charge against the accused citing the autopsy report which had found heart attack as the reason of Ansari’s death. This had led to widespread condemnation of the Jharkhand police as the video of Ansari’s brutal assault had already gone viral.

In a press statement on Wednesday (September 18), the state police said it filed supplementary chargesheet in the case with murder charge against the initial 11 accused and two additional accused. The police said it took the decision on the basis of the expert comment from a board of doctors from MGM Medical College about the actual reason of the heart attack that caused Ansari’s death.

“The viscera test report from FSL had found heart attack as cause of death but the reason of the heart attack was not clear. Therefore, to ensure justice and successful prosecution, the police approached the board of expert doctors from MGM Medical College to know about the exact reason of death of the victim. The board said: ‘On the basis of above main findings we opined that 1) the fracture of bone is grievous injury caused by hard and blunt object, 2) the combined effect of fracture of bone, pale organs and heart chambers full of blood resulting into cardiac arrest,’” said the Police in the statement. It also added that the video of the assault on Tabrez Ansari was also found to be genuine.

“Therefore, on the basis of additional proofs found in the further probe, the murder charge under section 302 was added in the supplementary chargesheet against the accused against whom chargesheet was already filed,” said the police.

The 11 accused earlier chargesheeted are Prakash Mandal alias Pappu Mandal, Kamal Mahato, Sunamo Pradhan, Premchand Mahali, Sumant Mahato, Madan Nayak, Chamu Nayak, Mahesh Mahali, Kushal Mahali, Satyanarayan Nayak and Bhim Sen Mandal. 

The two new accused slapped with murder charge are Vikram Mandal and Atul Mehli.

Ansari was assaulted for hours by a mob on the suspicion of bike theft attempt in the night of June 18. Next morning, the police took him to the police station and after primary medical check-up he was sent to jail in the theft attempt case.

However, as he was brutally assaulted by the mob and could not get proper medical care, his condition deteriorated in the jail on June 22. He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead. Only after his death, the police lodged a case against 11 persons of the mob under sections 147, 149, 341, 342, 323, 302, 295A. But in the first chargesheet filed on July 29, the murder charge was dropped.


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