Study Report on Saffronisation of School Textbooks Released

Senior journalist Anil Chamadia (4th from left) with SIO president Nahas Mala (3rd) and other officials of the organization at Press Club in New Delhi on 01 Dec 2017. Photo – Caravan Daily

Caravan News,

NEW DELHI: India’s largest Muslim students’ organization SIO on Friday released a study report on saffronization of school textbooks in four states of the country – three of them being ruled by BJP and one by Congress.

The 75-page report, prepared by 18 researchers in three months, has mainly covered history and social science textbooks being taught in Class 1 to X in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. While in history books, Muslim rulers have been presented as looter and plunderer and Hindu rulers have been idolized, social science books carry heavy influence of the Hindu religion and at some places Hindutva.

“In a textbook of Class V in Rajasthan, physical and spiritual ‘benefits’ of Surya Namaskar have been highlighted. In Social Science book of Class VI, Sun and Moon have been explained through stories of Hindu mythology,” said Anwar Kathat, member of the team of Centre for Education Research & Training (CERT) that prepared the report. He was speaking at the Press Club of India.

Speaking on the occasion, senior journalist and author Anil Chamadia said distortion in history books began in 1977 when Janata Party came to power and BJP’s previous avatar Jan Sangh was an ally of the government.

“They don’t have their own history, so they are manufacturing one. Now as they are in power, they have intensified the efforts. Instead of reason and logic, fabricated things are being incorporated in syllabus,” he said.

Addressing the press, national president of SIO Nahas Mala said: “We all should oppose saffronization of education as this is not good for a multi-religious and multi-cultural country like India.”

Syed Azharuddin, PR Secretary of SIO, said that his organization is contemplating to approach the concerned authorities and institutions in the states covered in the study and register protest. “We are also considering legal routes” to stop saffronization of school syllabus.


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