Outrage After Ex Indian General Calls for Revenge Rape of Kashmiri Women

SP Sinha at TV live debate along with other panelists

Caravan News

NEW DELHI – Retired Indian Army Major General SP Sinha, who is said to be associated with the BJP, was condemned after in a live TV debate, he asked for “death in return for death, and rape in return for rape” to avenge atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits during their exodus from Kashmir in 1990.

The former Army officer made the comments while appearing on a live debate on Hindi news channel TV9 Bharatvarsh. His statements were met with strong disapproval from other panelists, much of the audience, and the moderator, journalist Sumaira Sheikh. Some sections of the audience, however, approved, though they reprimanded by Sheikh.

Sinha’s comments drew huge outrage on social media.



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