My Government Most Inclusive: Imran Khan on Press Censorship

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. — File photo

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WASHINGTON — Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said his government was the most inclusive government as far as the freedom of press was concerned and added that the media should act as a watchdog, not a blackmailer, a Pakistani daily reported on Wednesday.

He was responding to questions on media censorship in Pakistan.

Addressing a gathering at the US Institute of Peace here, Khan said Pakistani media was freer than the British media. “In Britain, no media would be allowed to publish the kind of news our media publishes,” the premier said, adding that strengthening media watchdogs was not censorship.

“The Pakistan media, in my opinion, is even freer than the British media, it is not just free but sometimes out of control,” said the prime minister. He went on to say that in Britain no media would have published the kind of remarks that the Pakistani media had since he had come into power, reports IANS.

“I have spent about 18 summers of my life in England. I have seen the British media, they are very open and free. But the Pakistan media, in my opinion, is freer than the British media,” Khan said in response to question on the recent reports of the crackdown on media in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that his government was not trying to censor the media but merely trying to bring it under control by strengthening media watchdogs in the country.

The Pakistan Prime Minister further claimed that his government would go down as the most inclusive in his country’s history, reports ANI.

He said he himself was the biggest beneficiary of free media as he forwarded his message to the people through the media. Otherwise, he said, there was the state television at that time, which was under the government’s control.

He said that media should avoid personal attacks and not a become party. Imran Khan said there were 70 or 80 channels but only three had issues. “Even if we ask them about their sources of income or taxes, they say this is against freedom of expression,” he said.

(With inputs from IANS)



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