The mob vandalizes a mosque and madrassa in Pune.
The mob vandalizes a mosque and madrassa in Pune, Maharashtra. Dozens of mosques and madrassas across the city have been targeted by the Hindu radical groups. 

PUNE – Muslim homes, shops, mosques and madrassas have been damaged in Pune and elsewhere in Maharashtra in the violence by Hindu radicals across Maharashtra purportedly protesting derogatory images of Chhatrapati Shivaji and the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Facebook. A 24-year old techie from Sholapur was beaten to death, sparking tensions across the state.

A mosque and madrassa ‘Tanzeemul Muslimeen Darl Uloom Ashrafiya’ situated in Landewadi was damaged by the miscreants whereas prayer mats of the mosque in Bhosari were burnt down. The mob also burnt a number of copies of the Holy Quran. Five two-wheelers parked outside mosque were also set on fire. Most students studying in the adjacent madrassa somehow managed to escape, although many suffered minor injuries.

Speaking to, Maulana Aziz Siddiqui of the Madrassa Darl Uloom Ashrafiya said, “Three students have suffered leg injuries who were briefly admitted to the hospital, but most students have now gone home. But the madrassa has been severely damaged.” He added that situation in Pune is now calm but tense as no one is certain what may happen next.

The popular dargah of Hazrat Peer Shah Jalaluddin Shah Qadri which was situated in the same area was also vandalized. Nearly 500 Hindu radicals entered Noor Mohalla of Bhosari area with swords and petrol bombs in their hands and broke doors and windows of Muslim houses.
The popular dargah of Hazrat Peer Shah Jalaluddin Shah Qadri which was situated in the same area was also vandalized. Nearly 500 men entered Noor Mohalla area with swords and petrol bombs in their hands and broke into Muslim homes.

The popular dargah of Hazrat Peer Shah Jalaluddin Shah Qadri which was situated in the same area was also vandalized. Nearly 500 men entered Noor Mohalla of Bhosari area with swords and petrol bombs in their hands and broke doors and windows of Muslim houses.

The prayer hall, ablution area, water tank and around 10 graves in Shahi Qabrastan Trust, Bhosari were vandalized. Five mosques in Hinjewadi area were also damaged. The imam of Aisha Mosque was beaten up brutally who is now recuperating in Inamdar Hospital. Masjid-e-Zainab and Madrassa-e-Shabnam Garib Nawaz were also damaged badly. Three other mosques in the adjacent areas were also desecrated by the rampaging mob.

One of the petrol pumps belonging to a Muslim businessman was totally destroyed. A mosque situated in Talode basti was also damaged. Muslim houses, shops and around 20 bakeries were targeted in Karve road area, Thergaon and Wakad.

A group belonging to various Muslim organizations made an emergency visit to the affected areas to assess the overall damages suffered by the community.

The view of a vandalized graveyard in Pune
The view of a vandalized graveyard in Pune

The damaged bakeries included Ismail bakery (Karve Nagar),Citizen Bakery (Sinhgarh road), Heena Bakery, Shabnam Bakery, Moti Bakery, Shad Bakery (Dattawadi), Sun Rise Bakery, Indian Bakery (Warje), Welcome Bakery, Sahara Bakery, Patel Bakery (Hadapsar), Supreme Bakery (Malewadi) and Unicon Bakery ( Phirsangi). The visiting group of Muslims estimated the loss of damaged bakeries alone to be more than one crore (ten million) rupees.

Senior police officer Mandhre assured the Anjuman Ittehadul Ansar that police are working to restore peace and harmony in the city and have so far arrested 116 people aging between 18 to 25 years old for the violence. –With inputs from Roznama Sahara



  1. So why are all the Tweesta’s & NGO’s not going after the CM of Maharashtra?
    No filing of legal cases which stretch over decades? NAH! how would they? This is Congress party CM & Congress funded them in the earlier Gujarat case – ye!

  2. Some people trying to justify this grave crime under the aegis of “religious emotions” without even knowing that this techie had nothing to do with the fb post, he was killed just becz he was a muslim, others bringing in ISI, kerala missionaries, others trying to buy apologies by making references to this and that, while some vouching for arrest of Owaisi n ppl subsequently liking these naive and stupid comments proves that there is no scarcity of dumbasses in India. #bharat mahan…!

    • Shut up loser.. v r indians.. may b hindu muslim christian or anything.. yes d killers shud b severly punished.. but v who r educated n speak so well shud nt talk like illiterates.. i love my nation so do d people livin in dis nation. Lets pray 4 justic n peace n unity for our good n 4 our families good. Keep ur temper in control

    • Yes, the culprits should be punished and the “innocent Hindu boys” should be released. People like Owaisi would understand my meaning. :-p

    • you stupid coward… come stand in front of true indian…you cant pick single hair from india… if cant stay here go back to pakistan there siya and sunny muslims waiting to kill u..

  3. when will we realize that there is no difference in hindus and muslims. we all are equal. there are just few leaders who creates these problems for there political reason; and people just follow them. Hope this comes to an end soon.

  4. I never understand how they get away with all this. When everybody who lives there know n see the truth themselves. Why is nothing done.. The people who do nothing about these things are worse than the mob. Allah please help the people there who have suffered loss and are hurt.. and grant them justice. Punish severely those who harm innocents and disrupt the peace of this country.

  5. The police is involved too. How come everyone arrested is under 25 years old (they’re trying to get away by saying they are all minors) .this might be a plot to bring down the Congress govt.

  6. This is time for muslims to understand India is not secular neither democratic its is jungle raj. So they should adopt the method as we adopt to deal with wild animals. Inshallah this organization will soon pay the cost for its deeds. Inallaha masabrien.

    • Naresh……They are not hindu nor Muslims they are politicaly motivated goon…..
      for some people do not discreet all people……I hope if you are literate than you can easily understand

  7. Modi in action? Time is running out to stop these attacks! Now, Stop it Modi. Or just vacate the seat of Prime Minister!

  8. Is this the teachings of Hinduism ..killing innocent..destroying houses and religious places….is this justice …is this sawaraj??? This are not teaching of respected chatrapati shivaji he did too much of sacrifice to bring peace in maharashtra…..

    • If posting nude and filthy pictures of Indian Gods, and Hindu leaders on FB is an Islamic teaching, then definitely killing innocents is a part of Hindu teachings.

      • And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest exceeding the limits they should abuse Allah out of ignorance. Thus have We made fair seeming to every people their deeds; then to their Lord shall be their return, so He will inform them of what they did. 

        (  سورة الأنعام  , Al-Anaam, Chapter #6, Verse #108)
        this is not Islamic teaching Infact Islam prohibits such an act and therr is a clear verse in the Quran which Says DO NOT ABUSE THOSE WHO WORSHIPS ANY FALSE GOD BESIDE ONE TRUE GOD (BHAGWAN, ISHVAR, ALLAH ANY BEAUTIFUL NAME WHICH IS GIVEN BY GOD ALMIGHT HIMSELF?

  9. I just wanna appeal to everybody whether Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian or any religion … dont be a RELIGIOUS FANATIC

    If ever you read anything against any religion try n make sure its authentic n true before u favour that post, article or comment.

    One such incident happened yesterday:

    A matter of grief(yesterday) when a Pune based Techie was killed by Hindu fundamentalist or lunatics

    How media(global) creates mockery of press freedom

    One covers the things which actually happened n people who were taken in custody

    And another one is what we read above which talks about vanfalism n 500 people, mob with swords n petrolbombs which didnt happen actually.


    We live in the world where information travels faster just next to light, because of the phenomenon called INTERNET


  10. Everybody, this news is untrue and used to spread false propaganda. No media outlet, Indian or International, has reported this story. Folks living in PUNE have stated no such incidents have occurred. Please lets not get swayed.

  11. All the a**h**es talking, supporting and justifying their own religion shut your pie holes. Do not complicate the situation. No religion has permitted to harm the other. Spread brother hood not hatred. Religion was created for we human beings to have discipline and follow a way of life. Not to kill each other over it. All the looser commenting on someone should do something or it’s someone’s responsibility get a life and question yourself what have you done apart from complaining and nagging. As Amit Sharma’s comment states think before you comment, if you can’t ease the situation don’t even bother to put your communal thoughts on the forum. Hoping for a better India – Bharat maata ki jai.

  12. Dear friends as being muslims all us know whatodi did in was a complete massacre.but we are equally responsible for the situation because by our behavior or our culture our dear hindu brothers and sisters are not aware of Islamic teachings we nevee told them who we was our responsibilty to share with those peoples.

  13. Although islam is the greatest religion but what we are doing ? I think we are the worst. We dont care even education ?

  14. Could anyone explain if the man in khaki uniform (on the back of the Hindu activist in black shirt) is a cop???


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