Mazumdar Denies Allegations of Funding Anti-Modi Propagandist IPSMF

Biocon managing director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. — Photo: Live Mint

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NEW DELHI — Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Amit Malviya alleged the industrialist Kiran Mazumdar Shaw funds the Independent Public Spirited Media Foundation (IPSMF), which in turn supports anti-Modi propaganda, during a TV debate which was also joined by Shaw.

Malviya and Shaw were part of a heated argument on Shaw funding this new age media which is a Modi baiter. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has joined the chorus against intolerance of the government after comments by Rahul Bajaj.

Biocon Chairperson and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw took on the govt on Sunday saying that it did not want to hear criticism about the economy supporting Rahul Bajaj who earlier said that the Modi government has created an atmosphere of fear.

Subsequently, Rahul Bajaj and Shaw were made the target of troll on twitter and other social media by the BJP IT cell and leaders like Malviya.

During the TV debate, Malviya said that since Shaw is on the show he would like to tell the viewers that she and her company funds the IPSMF and is among the biggest donors, according to IANS report.

Industrialist Shaw, however, reacted angrily to the comment by Malviya and denied that her company funds IPSMF.

Malviya also alleged that IPSMF funds vicious new age media which routinely runs vicious anti government propaganda. “Nobody makes a point about it,” he said.

However, a perusal of the Foundation’s records show that Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is listed among the major donors, writes IANS.

The donors include Shaw, Aamir Khan, Azim Premji Philanthrophic Initiatives, Piramal Enterprises, Pirojsha Godrej Foundation, Rohini Nilekani Philanthophies, Rohinto and Anu Aga Family Discretionary No 2 Trust, Manipal Education and Medical Group, Cyrus Guzder, Lal Family Foundation, Sri Nataraja Trust and Unimed Technologies, Quality Investment, Tejaskiran Pharmachem India and Viditi Investment.

The IPSMF in turn has given grants to several media outlets. These include The Print, The Wire, The Caravan, The News Minute, The Ken, Swarajya, Live, Down to Earth, EPW, Alt News, CG Net Swara, Dool News, East, Gaon Connection, IS., IP Podhu, Khabar Leharia, Max Maharashtra, Pragati, The Better India, wtd News, Satyagraha, Weekly Sadhana, Suno India, India Development Review, Janjwar, Sikkim Chronicle, The Bastion, among others, says the report

Malviya also denied the intolerance charge.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said that Any criticism offered by India Inc is being seen as anti-national or anti-Modi government which is ridiculous. She added that captains of industry are worried to speak their mind, so that they are perceived to be anti-government.

(With inputs from IANS)


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