‘Madrasas Promote ISIS Ideology, Shut them’: UP Shia Board Chief Tells Modi


Waseem Rizvi. — File photo

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NEW DELHI — Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi on Tuesday said that madrasas promote ISIS ideology.

He cited cited the example of Kashmir to substantiate his point in the letter.

Rizvi has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shut Islamic seminaries across India so that Muslim children are not influenced by it, reports ANI.

“If madrasas across the country are not shut down soon then after 15 years half of the Muslims will start favouring the ISIS ideology. It has been observed across the world that ISIS is targeting children and asking them to follow them,” Rizvi wrote in the letter.

Rizvi further writes that Muslim children should study with students of other religions in schools so that they are able to get better education.

Citing the example of Kashmir to substantiate his point in his letter Rizvi says “In Kashmir, ISIS supports can be seen in huge numbers. In rural areas, Madrasas are destroying the future of our children being run on donations as their owners are hungry for money,” he stated.

Ironically, Rizvi has been giving such uncalled for and unfortunate statements showing ill-founded fears for quite some time now just to please his political masters and inviting wrath of Islamic clerics and scholars including Shia clerics.

In September last, Waseem Razvi was ‘excommunicated’ from Islam for not accepting the fatwa issued by Iraq’s top Shia cleric Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani against handing over Waqf properties for the construction of a temple of shrine.

Senior Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad announced Waseem Rizvi’s ‘ouster’ from the Shia community, following the controversy over his offer of disputed land at Babri Masjid site for Ram Temple construction.

“Shias all around the world were ’embarrassed’ by Rizvi’s pro-temple stand. People like Waseem Rizvi are working against Islam, either under pressure or just to please their masters, Maulana Kalbe Jawwad said. 

Maulana Jawwad was also reported saying that since Waseem Rizvi was ‘not a Shia anymore’, he must be removed from the post of Shia Waqf Board Chairman.

(With inputs from ANI)


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