Israel Turns Gaza’s Tunnels Into Gas Chambers

Israel turns Gaza tunnels into 'improvised gas chambers'. AFP photo
Israel turns Gaza tunnels into ‘improvised gas chambers’. AFP photo

Israel had made an end of slaying all the inhabitants of Ai in the field, in the wilderness wherein they chased them, and when they were all fallen on the edge of the swordJoshua 8:24

Roi Tov

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he incredible picture above was published by the BBC, in an article entitled “Gaza: Hamas seeks to emerge strongerGaza: Hamas seeks to emerge stronger” and published on July 24 with credits to AFP.

Its BBC caption read “Israel has used gas to clear tunnels it says were dug by Hamas in order to infiltrate Israel.” Its alternative text (shown when the mouse is over it) read “Israeli soldiers spray gas at the exit of a tunnel which was used the day before by Hamas militants to infiltrate Israeli lines, on July 22.”

Despite neither the picture nor the event having been confirmed by Israeli sources, the BBC report is unlikely to be a hoax.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, every year on Holocaust Day, your nation cries crocodile tears for the gas chambers used during WWII. Shoah, you call it, a Biblical calamity.+ Your use of improvised gas chambers not only revokes your right to do so, but also defines you and your army as war criminals. Your place is in a trial chamber in Nuremberg.

 Gaza, July 23, 2014
Two brothers grieving their father, killed by Israel in Gaza, July 23, 2014, by Sergey Ponomarev, The New York Times
The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

On Jerusalem Day, Naftali Bennett, a senior partner in your coalition and a central minister in your government, reenacted a Nuremberg Rally in the city that you illegitimately call “capital” (see Nuremberg Rally Fills Jerusalem). Let’s move a step forward and also reenact the Nuremberg Trials for your crimes against humanity.

We owe that to the victims of the Israeli improvised gas chambers.

On July 20, while speaking with Hebrew Media, IDF Chief of Staff Gantz referred to the Operation Strong Cliff* as a “campaign” upgrading it to one step below “war.”

On July 24, the upgrade became evident through the replacement of the IDF forces attacking Gaza.

Gantz spoke during the Battle of Shuja’iyya, in which a battalion of Hamas held its ground against IDF’s Golani Brigade, the army’s top infantry brigade.

Today, an ashamed Golani was removed from Gaza and was replaced by a larger force from the reserve army. Thousands of soldiers were called with an Emergency Order 8, a procedure kept for wartime. The replacing force is much larger than Golani.

This is the IDF odd way of saluting the might of Hamas.


Burial of a Golani lieutenant killed in the Battle of Shuja'iyyaNetanyahu’s miscalculation is reflected in a large number of soldiers killed while attacking Gaza.
Burial in coffins is not a Jewish practice, but it was adopted by the IDF due to the physical conditions of its dead. In this case, it is the burial of a Golani lieutenant killed in the Battle of Shuja’iyya.

Gantz is Wrong

The attack on Gaza was announced after the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Hamas in Gaza reconciled in April, creating a National Unity Government and announcing elections. “Divide and Rule” is Israel second favorite strategy after “Scare and Rule.”

“Wolf, wolf,” cried Goliath and shoot himself in the foot. Palestinians have lost their trust in Israel. Palestinians have lost their trust in the international community backing a fair agreement between the sides. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is supporting Hamas and not Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas, who until the operation started was talking about keeping the security coordination with Israel, has declared that no one in the world would enjoy peace unless Palestinian children did so.

The Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Meshal said yesterday in Doha that Hamas would not agree to a truce until the blockade was lifted. The same texts are repeated in most interviews of Palestinians, regardless their political affiliation.

Palestine has imposed the lifting of the illegitimate siege on Gaza as a ceasefire condition.


Gaza under Israeli attack, July 22, 2014, by APGaza under Israeli attack, July 22, 2014, by AP

Do not laugh at David imposing conditions on the Zionist Goliath. It is beyond the scope of this article to mention all international condemnations of the Israeli attack.

On July 23, UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay condemned the Israeli ongoing attack on the Gaza Strip saying that war crimes may have been committed. On the same day the UN Human Rights Council voted to authorize a commission of inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza.

On the same day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in Jerusalem, where he called “to end the occupation and the daily humiliation and anger that comes with it.”

Dizzied by hallucinations of power invigorated by the gas escaping its improvised gas chambers, Zionist Goliath failed to see the political sling in David’s hand. Closing one eye for a better aiming, David waited for his best opportunity.


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