IMA Scam: Help Me Come Back, will Reveal All, Mansoor Khan Tells Top Cop

IMA Jewels owner and managing director Mohammed Mansoor Khan (Photo | Video screengrab)

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BENGALURU – Blaming many big names for bringing down his companies, I Monetary Advisory (IMA) Group founder-owner Mohammed Mansoor Khan, in a video released on Sunday, claimed he wants to return to India and is ready to reveal the names of corrupt politicians and officers who allegedly extorted money from him and who brought about the downfall of his business venture.

He said that there are many big names who are involved in bringing down his company. If he reveals, he says, their names, he might be killed by them. He might be killed, once he will arrive in the country, He might be killed even  in the police custody. But he said that he will return money once he will be allowed to arrive the country.

He uploaded the 18-minute video on IMA’s YouTube page using his official email ID. Khan, the alleged kingpin of a multi-crore scam, fled the country on June 8, after his firm’s financial operations went bust. Investors have so far filed more than 40,000 complaints against the group.

The video was uploaded hours after Bengaluru City police issued a statement saying Khan’s passport had been suspended by Foreigners Regional Registration Office, Bengaluru. On Friday, the police had issued a blue-corner notice against Khan to know about his whereabouts. In the video — the first after he fled — Khan stopped short of revealing where he is holed up, but claimed he boarded a flight to return to India on June 14, but was offloaded “due to legal reasons”.

He claimed he was told to contact immigration officials. Demanding a CBI probe into the scam, Khan has named several politicians and builders for maligning him. He accuses IMA directors, politicians and government officials, including an IAS officer, of backstabbing him, leading to IMA’s collapse.

Khan requested the new city police commissioner, Alok Kumar, to help him return to India by helping him book his tickets. Regretting having left the country, he said, “I’ve non-movable assets worth Rs 500 crore, 120kg of gold and 600 gold bullion and these things were moved by my team and brothers”.

Khan’s allegations should be taken with a pinch of salt: Cop TOI’s efforts to contact Alok Kumar failed. A special investigation team (SIT) constituted by the state government is investigating the case.

SIT superintendent of police S Girish told media, “Khan is an accused. We’ll have to take his allegations with a pinch of salt. If he has to anything to say, let him come here and give us evidence. We will provide him protection.”

Excerpts from video “I shouldn’t have left home, my people backstabbed me. They were after my life, and I had to hide my family. My mental state was not normal then. Now, it’s better and I want to come back to India… Since 2006, IMA has made a profit of Rs 12,000 crore and we’ve paid investors a profit of Rs 2,000 crore. The assets left with me are Rs 1,300 crore. I will liquidate them and give it to people… Some of my people are asking me to return. But I am worried. My 87-year-old grandmother, 65-year-old mother and many other women in my family are under threat. Zameer Ahmed Sir has requested me to come back and has offered his support.”


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