Another Long Weekend for Residents


Hijri-New-Year-Brings-Another--Long-Weekend-for-ResidentsDUBAI SCHOOLS GET 4-DAY BREAK

DUBAI, Oct 30 – After the recent long Eid break, residents in the UAE are in for another long holiday what with the Hijri Islamic New Year holiday coming together with the weekend break. The UAE Government has declared the Islamic New Year holiday on Sunday, November 3rdfor the public sector and Saturday, November 2nd for private sector.

Accordingly, some schools in Dubai have announced November 3 and November 4 as holidays to mark the Hijri New Year, giving students a four-day break.

Since the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, also falls on November 3, the long break has added to the festivities of Indian families in the country.

The Ministry of Labor announced on Monday that Saturday, November 2, will be the official holiday for the Islamic New Year for private sector. A circular was issued on Monday by Saqr Gobash, Minister of Labor.

As for public sector and schools who usually get their weekly days off on Friday and Saturday, the Cabinet approved Sunday, November 3, to be the Islamic New Year holiday. With holidays granted earlier, there will be no disruption in work routines.

The Cabinet, however did not differentiate between workers in the private and the public sectors, but yesterday’s circular by the ministry of labour explains that November 2 would be the official day off for workers in the private sector.

Private sector companies which work a five-day week could still give their employees a day off on November 3 in order to equate their employees with those in the public sector or stick to the Ministry of Labor circular. Some companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have already announced November 3 as the Hijri holiday.–Agencies


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