Police has registered a case of suicide though the family suspects foul play.
Police has registered a case of suicide though the family suspects foul play.

HISAR, HARYANA —  A 40-year-old man who was witness to the alleged murder of his nephew was found hanging on Friday at his home in Hisar in Haryana, a state which is battling outrage over the death of Dalits, including two young siblings, in the past few days, reported Press Trust of India.

Badan Singh, who also belonged to the Dalit or underprivileged caste, had alleged harassment by the police because he was leading protests against them for not taking action in the alleged killing of his nephew Gurbachan Singh. Two policemen have been suspended.

The police yesterday arrested three persons named in a purported suicide note by Badan Singh. The note also alleged that the police were pressuring Badan Singh not to make any statement in his nephew’s killing.

Gurbachan Singh was found hanging last month but his family alleges that he was murdered. Badan Singh was leading protests against the police and was being harassed for it, his family alleges.

The opposition in Haryana has accused the state’s BJP government of failing to protect Dalits after recent incidents.

Less than two weeks ago, a two-year-old boy and his 11-month-old sister were burnt alive after their home in Faridabad near Delhi was allegedly set on fire by upper caste men over a dispute.

In Sonepat Last week, a 14-year-old Dalit boy was found hanging hours after he was picked up by the police for questioning over allegations of pigeon theft. A police officer was suspended after it was alleged that the teen was brutally beaten and had injuries all over his body.


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