5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Fancy Gold Bangles



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IT is an engaging process to buy gold bangles as there is a lot of comparison, references and speculations involved before the finalisation of the purchase. These are tasteful ornaments and will increase the finesse quotient of your accessories.

Don’ts for choosing a fancy gold bangle:

  1. Avoid stone-studded bangles: The chances are high that fancy gold bangles will have additional weight charges due to the stones studded on to them, thus increasing the gross mass. The purity is often difficult to check. However, if you have decided to buy one, check the net weight of gold. Ask for the individual prices of the gold and the stones, for example, if a 30-gram gold bangle has 3 grams of stones, the fancy bangles with price will be estimated accordingly.
  2. Do not buy a bangle without getting an estimation of the wrist size:  The thumb rule is to buy a bangle that is about one-half or three-fourths inches larger than the wrist size of the one who will wear it. A bangle too large will easily slip off the wrist while a one too small will be difficult to slide. While standard sizes range from six to eight centimetres in diameter, it might vary depending upon the design. For hinged bangles, one inch should be added to the wrist size for average fitting, for a more relaxed fit, one and a half inch more is required.
  3. Do not forget to check the clasp or hinge, if there is any: Always check the clasp of the bangle so that it does not pass out unnoticed. Before the bangle is placed back in the jewellery box, the hinges should be closed.
  4. Avoid buying expensive items without inspecting the style: The fad is that the bigger a thing is better. It makes people choose a piece based on how expensive it is, not the style. Therefore, it is advisable that you fix a budget while purchasing a bangle because the price points vary in the market at different times. A cost-effective gold bangle might look more elegant than its expensive counterpart.
  5. Do not accept certificates of hallmark that are old or inferior:  When you consult a retailer or a dealer of jewellery, ask for certificates of authenticity. The certification of the laboratory should be from a trusted source, depending on the region. The certified institution will confirm the grade, origin, and quality of the gold. The geographical origin is significant because some countries are renowned for the quality of their precious metals. The certification papers can at least be two to three years old, but not more than that. Do not buy jewellery that has a certification of ten years.

Your hand and wrist gestures are indicative of your personal style and confidence. A gold bangle would add a timeless appearance to it. Since bangles are ornaments for day-to-day use, it is imperative that they are durable and the design is aesthetically pleasing. With these tips, it will be easier to choose the perfect fancy bangle for yourself or your loved ones.


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