Why 10% Quota is a Gift for Elites, Not for the Poor and Middle Classes


Dr Javed Jamil | Caravan Daily

PEOPLE with an income of less than Rs 8 lakhs per year, agricultural land of fewer than 5 acres and a house of less than 1000-sq ft will be eligible for the 10% reservation unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP government recently.

The real position is yet not clear but from what appears, it means that this reserved category can apply for only 10% out of 50% that was previously available to them. Estimates suggest that 80 per cent of India’s population will fall in that category.

What it means in effect is that the latest Bill already passed by both the houses of Parliament with the support of all major parties within two days reserves 40% of previously unreserved seats for the elites of General classes depriving the majority of whatever chances they earlier had.

Once somebody chooses this category in application form, the quota available to him is only 10% of the seats. The competition for them becomes extremely tough and extremely easy for the elites.

The middle classes need to reject it unless suitable amendments are made. Otherwise it will prove to be yet another kind of shock a la demonetisation leading to the deprivation and dispossession of the poor and middle classes and this time not just the BJP dispensation but opposition parties will also be responsible.


Dr Javed Jamil is an eminent Islamic scholar and author.


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