We Couldn’t Get Dawood or Tiger; So Let’s Hang Yakub Who Helped India: Amaresh Misra

Yakub Memon's photograph that was used to pursue his two Masters degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
Yakub Memon’s photograph that was used to pursue his two Masters degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

How can the Indian government hang Yakub Memon who actually helped it crack the 1993 Bombay blasts case? Is it the case that because we did not have the political will to get Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, so someone should hang, even though Yakub’s case does not merit death sentence by any legal or moral standard?



[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is called hurting the weak and the vulnerable when you can’t take on the `strong’…

This is a feature of Fascism…

Today, BJP leaders like Sakshi Maharaj are asking those demanding a stop to Yakub Memon’s hanging to go to Pakistan…

But Yakub came from Pakistan partly of his own accord and helped India nail the Pakistani hand in 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts…Yakub was the one to expose his brother Tiger Memon and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and how they got Pakistani help…

So how can we hang Yakub who helped us? Is it the case that because we did not have the political balls to get Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, so someone should hang, even though Yakub’s case does not merit death sentence by any legal or moral standard?

Below civil liberty organizations like PUDR have compiled an excellent summary of the Yakub Memon case…I suggest everyone to go through these points and stop Yakub’s execution…

Yakub’s death will be a blot on India’s name…no one will ever come forward with information to help India…

On 15th July, the Maharashtra government announced that it has initiated the process for hanging Yakub Memon. On 30th July, 2015 ‘he is to be hung by the neck till dead’. The announcement seemed inevitable after the Supreme Court had rejected his review petition on 10th April this year.  There are some very valid reasons for drawing attention to Yakub’s case for upholding our faith in the judicial process:

  1. Controversial arrest: The police claimed to pick Yakub up from the New Delhi Railway Station on 5th August 1994. In a letter written to the Supreme Court in 1999, Yakub stated that he came to India on 28th July 1994.  He had been detained on 24th July at Kathmandu airport and then handed over to the Indian agencies.
  2. Implicated and sentenced for trying to help: Yakub has maintained all along that he had no foreknowledge of and had no hand in the conspiracy leading to the Mumbai blasts of 1993. He was working towards voluntarily returning to India to clear his name. He co-operated with the investigating agencies and provided vital leads which have been acknowledged. However, the Court never regarded these as mitigating factors.
  3. No justice under TADA: The Supreme Court in its 2013 judgement confirming death sentence awarded by the TADA court in 2007, held that Yakub officiated for Tiger Memon in Mumbai in the planning of the attacks in the latter’s absence. The Court accepted that Yakub was nowhere directly involved in the execution of the blasts, but his responsibility was greater as he was one of the planners. It said that he “was constantly present at the Al Husseini building, where the major part of the plan was made and executed”, interacted with ‘Tiger’s men’, managed Tiger’s “ill-gotten money,” arranged for air tickets to Dubai and vehicles which were used in the attacks. He was convicted under TADA (now lapsed), IPC, Arms Act, Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, and under sections of the Explosive Substances Act on retracted confessions, on the statements of approvers and on the confession of co-accused.
  4. “Special Stigmatizing”: Yakub had returned in 1994 believing that there would be a fair trial. He was proved wrong. The judgement decreed capital punishment for him because of his “position of dominance” and the “gravity of the crime”. Significantly, the Court commuted the sentences of the 10 others who had been awarded  capital punishment  by  the trial court.
  5. Rejection of mitigating factors: The Supreme Court deliberated on the aggravating and mitigating circumstances while awarding the quantum of punishment to all the death row convicts. Notably, in Yakub’s case, the Court noted none other than the fact that he did not have a prior criminal record. However, in the case of the other 10 others sentenced to death, the Court noted several other mitigating factors like lengthy incarceration, good behaviour, co-operating in the investigation, dependent family members etc. which were equally applicable to him. In Yakub’s case, the beginning and end of his being awarded death penalty then is clearly his relationship with Tiger Memon.
  6. A discriminated convict:  While confirming the death sentence on Yakub, the Court disregarded the fact that he suffered from depression from 1996. Ironically, a year later, while commuting the death penalty of 15 death row convicts in 2014, the same Court noted: “incarceration, in addition to the reasonable time necessary for adjudication of mercy petitions and preparation for execution, flouts the due process guaranteed to the convict under Article 21 which inheres in every prisoner till his last breath.”
  7. Incarcerated for 21 years: For 21 years Yakub has lived with the “brooding horror” which “haunts” a condemned prisoner. To hang him now is neither fair nor just as it is punishing him twice over. It is plain vengeance which the state shows towards a condemned and defenceless man.
  8. Denial of reform: A chartered accountant by profession, Yakub was known to be a silent observer during court proceedings. In 21 years of which he has spent 8 years in the death row, he has completed two MAs, one in English and the other in Political Science from IGNOU. Several recent judgments have emphasised the importance of reform and rehabilitation based on conduct. However, Yakub’s efforts have never been recognized.
  9. A political hanging: The judicial process through which Yakub has been pronounced guilty and deserving of capital punishment has failed to bring to justice the main perpetrators of anti-Muslim carnage in December 1992 and January 1993, despite the Srikrishna Commission of Inquiry identifying a host of police officers and politicians belonging to Shiv Sena for their role.In the last one year, a similar trend is observable in the investigations into attacks committed by Hindu terror groups. 15 witnesses have turned hostile in the Ajmer Dargah blast (2007), the NIA has closed the Modasa case (2008) and has pressured the special prosecutor to ‘go soft’ on the investigations into the Malegeon blasts (2008).

The impending hanging of Yakub Memon raises certain very significant concerns regarding the role of the state and rights of people. As the above points illustrate, Yakub’s ‘crime’ is that of guilt by association and he is a scapegoat who has been conveniently caught and convicted as ‘most guilty’. Yakub Memon returned as a conscientious Indian citizen, albeit with a ‘criminal’ family background. If he is now hanged, the government must take responsibility for sending out the message that a Muslim cannot be a good citizen.

It is also imperative to ask as to what justice will be served through such an execution? Such regressive judicial pronouncement yet again convinces us that death penalty is not only prejudiced but also irrational. Fraught with the possibility of judicial error, the irreversibility of the punishment makes it totally condemnable. Globally, there is a move within countries to progressively do away with this regressive form of punishment. PUDR therefore urges the authorities including the judiciary in this case that in the interests of justice to commute his sentence, and in light of his 21 year-long incarceration to release him.

Amaresh Misra is an eminent Indian journalist and author and the Editor of online publication News 786


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  1. I must say that the article is quite detailed and one has never gone into such depth however what makes you draw this conclusion of Muslim not being a good Citizen is out of my scope of understanding. Justice as I have so far seen is never relative then why are you comparing decision taken for others with that for Yakub. Are you saying that education of accountant didn’t shower wisdom enough for making sense of the planing activities of such a heinous crime. Getting detained in Nepal can’t

  2. Be presented/considered as surrendering oneself.
    We lost our Peoples President and the globe must have noticed the kind of see off he commanded, would that help in diluting your conclusion of how a minority Citizen is projected. Why are sentiments of hundreds of those injured and thousands supporting them considered miniscule in front of deeply researched scholarly arguments.

    • Sentiments of those hundreds injured. How about sentiments of those thousands who are killed and raped before this bomb blast in riots. No justice for them. Remember. No peace. No justice

      • so you are justifying the act of yakub memon. If yes then, you also justify the riots of gujarat after some idiots burnt the coach of sabarmati express. In holy Quaran, the profet has mentioned that it is you right to take a revenge if somebody do something wrong with you, but if you let this to me ( god ), then i will better do the justice with you. You have not understood Islam properly and representing the wrong way for muslims. Why people forget about the victims of bomb blasts, were there not innocent. Were they different from the victims of mumbai riots ? Why do you differentiate the dead bodies of hindus and muslims, they are all human.

  3. It is absurd. The legal system specially the way Supreme Court handling, giving him ample of opportunity and hearing case again and again without any change or new aspect in convict defense is amazing. Bravo Zulu for the Indian Judicatory.

    • Every Muslim can’t become scientist and launch missiles like Prithvi, ani etc.etc. APJ’s contribution was a lot. India got a forward step during his leadership in science. That means every Muslim if achievement is like Kalaam will be praised otherwise humiliated.

    • It means you don’t know rules .It is right of the person given in the constitution to challenge the last mercy petition and process should be exhausted. It is not any obligation by SC.

  4. As an Indian, I am infuriated to read your statement – A Muslim cannot be a good citizen. How dare you make it Communal…. It is people like you who divide the nation in the name of Religion. Now getting to the points you are making; yes he wasn’t the mastermind, but he did play a key role in planning the act of terrorism, which is also terrorism. Yes, he co-operated with the Govt and CBI, but are you saying that if a terrorist first commits and an act of terrorism and then co-operates, we should garland them instead. Its because of opinions like this that India is a soft target. next you will argue Kasab’s right to live as well.. Ha..

    • In other cases where Muslims are killed in riots and planned killings culprits are honoured. Why are yhey not given punishment. Thousands of Innocent Muslims targeted and Killed. But no justice. Such system will get paralysed soon. And will be called the Lunatics administration .JUSTICE SHOULD BE FOR ALL NOT FOR A PARTICULAR COMMUNITY.

    • Thnx Akshay… you summed up evrything i had to say… i dnt believe in d fact he was of any help had he been V wud have Tiger Memon in our custody by now… so its all bullshit dat hehelped… n next time dont bother making all dis communal n writing sch blogs… save us frm ur stupid concerns

  5. It is very unfortunate that the people of India do not believe in Judiciary of India. You say that yaqoob said this and yaqoob said that where are the proofs. Have you ever heard of a thief admitting that he has committed the crime. Hon’ble supreme court is the most premier court not only in India but the entire world and they make a judgement only based on facts. The transactions leading back to yaqoob and many things were against him. It is not that I like anyone to be given capital punishment although it was a human life that was lost which nobody wants but please dont make conclusions on your own…

    • Always remember conclusions are not made on own .There are chances that there can be partiality in every system of the world. No Human is supreme. There can be human errors everywhere.Conclusions are drawn based on the chain of findings.Not just speaking in the air.

      • Partiality!!!!!!!, Human errors!!!! Mam what are u saying, this is Supreme Court no childs play, you mean to say the Judge sitting in the Justice chair of the SUPREME court is a DUMB bugger, you really need to brush ur knowledge in understanding the jurisdiction system of our country, Dont be naive.

  6. The article look like part of a series – it would have been better if the author do little bit more reading/ research before commenting on INDIAN JUDICIARY… India as a country never believe in locking up the available person in the absence of the actual CHOR… What’s the crime ? He was part of a organised set of well trained people who planned & executed a terror attack (serial bombing) with precision – primary aim : maximum deaths – and of course for religious purposes… Such act is always done by (whether individual or a group irrespective of religion, caste, creed by ENEMY OF STATE). The public who reacted to such act is a MOB unlike the Bombing Team… There is a classic difference between the two.. As is made out by certain sections, the accused didn’t land up to help India nor his years long trial made any difference with culprits holed up in Pakistan..

  7. This is what happens when you have half knowledge sit and write in your ac room. To reach to the god u have to go through priest. Stop all this, because you did not loose your dear ones.

      • Yakub could not justify in 22years that he is not guilty. Do you think he was not a terrorist.? Such a low minded people here

    • God does not require any middle men to reach people. HE is so great, creater of the whole Universe,HE knows who is calling him.HE reads the heart of each and every body.HE is Omnipotent. Afterall we all are His Creation.

  8. Mr. Amaresh, you are a delusional person completely governed by your pseudo-intelligentsia. Yes, your article is very detailed but the very fact that you are against the extreme punishment for this individual explains to me that you prefer to live in your dream world, nestled in the middle of your castle and putting your thoughts on a iPad (or course that’s how you can make your mind work).

    The fact that this guy was involved in such a grave crime committed against our country is reason enough to get him capital punishment. You guys need to draw a line where human rights, amnesty international makes sense and where it doesn’t. Don’t just use it for cheap publicity and increasing hit count on your website/page. let me give you quick example from your article…

    “Yakub has maintained all along that he had no foreknowledge of and had no hand in the conspiracy leading to the Mumbai blasts of 1993″…wonder when was the last time it happened, we asked a criminal and he acknowledge of his crime.

    Going by your logic, if a person rapes a girl and 10 days later offer to marry her…..he should be seen as a nice person and pardoned of any rape crime.

  9. 24 years is good enough to live after planning those Mumbai Attacks.300 people died,did you ever thought about them.If it would have occured somewhere else…u can imagine how long one would have lived.

    • Thanks for putting ti so delicately Neeraj. My point exactly.
      Quick example: Tsarnaev accused of Boston marathon Bombing,look what the US judicial system did and how fast…and he is a teenager. Guess Mr. Amarish would plan to bring down the Govt. if got forbid we were talking about a teenager accused in Mumbai’s case.

      Cheap publicity hungry article.

  10. Pretty stupid that you and other psuedo seculars standing for a terrorist. He was caught in Nepal with multiple Indian passport catching a flight to karanchi. So your first argument itself is wrong and then he did not helped he was made to speak up like a parrot by cops to tell the horrific story. Supreme court of INDIA says he even handled grenades and knew every thing about attacks and you are opposing the Judiciary who spent 20 years on this case and telling they are all wrong. You are the people who cause these attacks and other heinous crimes in India because these roaches know even after killing 250 these morons who have been murdered by mughals and Britisher from last 800 years will stand up and save them. You are the reason we have issues in Kashmir and people like Owaisi can say anything against India constitution hiding behind minority politics and will one day stand up for ISIS against India. It’s You and people like you.

    • NOW we people should not argue. GOD Knows the Truth. HE ALWAYS STANDS WITH THE TRUTH.What ever has done is over. This is World , here this is not the first case ,it has happened in the past and will be happening till the end of the World. And Nature has its own course. God is the greatest he has justice for every body not only for Human beings but also for Animals. Leave everything on GOD .HE will do justice.

      • I feel ashamed by seeing this that ppl lives here earn their bread and butter from here and support for Pakistan……………Supporting a terrorist is equivalent of supporting Pakistan

    • The hanging of Yakub Menon will not shake Indian Muslims’s faith in the country’s judiciary and democratic values. That bit was already taken care of when Afzal Guru was sent to the gallows to satisfy the “collective conscience” of the society. When the killers of Ishrat Jehan, Ahsan Jafri Kausar Bi, Sadiq Sheikh, Sohrauddin and countless others were not just let off the hook but also awarded with plum promotions. When Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Vanzara, PP Pandey etc were given “clean chits” despite damning evidence. When the blood thirsty PAC cops who murdered 43 Muslim youths in Hashimpura were acquited by the court. When Shiv Sena thugs who were named and shamed in the Srikrishna report for raping and killing hundreds of Muslims during the 1993 Mumbai riots were never brought to book and their leader was instead given a state funeral when he died a natural death. When Kalyan Singh, who reneged on a Supreme Court affidavit pledging to protect the Babri Masjid, was detained in a posh guest house for just few hours as punishment for an act that led to the biggest riots in India since partition.
      When convicted killers like Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajragni who lorded over the massacre of Muslim women and children were given a seemingly endless parole. When the government launched a relentless witch hunt against people like Sanjiv Bhattand Teesta Setalvad who dared to stand for Muslims. When brave Mumbai lawyer Shahid Azmi who defended young Muslims framed on bogus terror charges was gunned down and his killers were honourably discharged. When the government at the centre restrained the investigating agency to act against Hindu extremists facing trial in the Samjhata Express and Mecca Masjid blast cases. When fake encounters were trumpeted as genuines. When a Times of India report found that a staggering 93.5 per cent of people given the death sentence in India are from religious minorities.1984 Sikh killing too where for 3 days in national capital 3000 sikhs were burnt, looted and killed. Nobody is behind bars for 30 years.If innocents are killed, the guilty should not be spared. But over 2,000 innocent lives were also lost in the Mumbai riots. The perpetrators are still free. Justice can’t have two faces. It needs to be same for everyone So the bottom line is this: Yaqub Menon’s hanging won’t alienate Muslims more than what some of these past events already have.

  11. how Kanive and how short sighted the writer is. I would like to ask him one question. If he is not guilty, why did he flee from the country. Did the writer ever saw a fanatic and worse a terrorist,who sprayed bullets on on innocents. Has he ever fitness end the scene of a terror bobbing. People like him the pseudo intelligentsia who are the real terrorists of this country. The writer is advised to read an open letter written by a cop about showing mercy to a terrorist like Memon. At least then his intelligence will wake up. On fact Memon is the front of the terrorist activity. With his education and social status he provided more than adequate support to the bombers (who are the semi literate carriers) in executing the bombing. There is no comparison between a terrorist and other death row convicts, who could be facing death for a variety of reasons. A terrorist is a trailer and enemy of the entire humanity. Even death sentence is abolished terrorists should be sent to gallows, because he has to taste how it feels one is killed.

  12. Mr amaresh mishra what do u want to prove any comes to ur own house kill ur wife and children and then he will get surrendered and cooperates with the police saying which weapon he used how he cut the throat and I got surrendered because I thought I’ll be given fair chance to escape from the case. U want him to be forgiven. Hope ur not that stupid to do that

    • No point mouli. These are self proclaimed intellects who think opposing something is rite. Unless it happens to them, they would keep publishing such articles.


      • I’m a muslim too, what r u trying to say, if some are not given justice then no one should be given? how can u support a criminal in a society jus bcoz he belongs to ur religion? when these criminals spread menace in society or blast a bomb even innocent muslims r killed not only hindus and christains etc. the bomb will not ask ur religion before blasting. religion is one thing and terrorism is other.

  13. I don’t understand, if a person after taking so many lives is not guilty just be coz after the attack he helped the police or he surrenders ( even if consider it to be true). Ask the ppl who lost their close family members. now it’s easy to form opinions write articles but just imagine urself at their place u will feel the pain.-

  14. Not agree with such bullshit article. Tomorrow someone will hijack plane or do some terrorist attack in India, then u show such stupid letters to them. When u people understand? 22 years this case had been studied, still some super intelligent person thinks its not justice. God bless your thinking. N hope u should not face any bombblast in ur life.

  15. Cheap tactics for publicity! Are you even aware of the innocent lives that were lost in the blast? Do you feel for their families? The families of our brave warriors who try to keep all of us safe from such heinous crimes? You think such ppl should be given a chance to reform? They’ll reform their ways to attack more effectively if that’s the case! Read a police officer’s letter to ppl like u and it’s a perfect reply! If possible support our men in their efforts to safeguard our mother instead of seeking cheap publicity sitting in ur plush office!

  16. Dear mr amarish.
    Pls dont be surprised if next diktat for you is leave india and go to pakistan. We are doing a job of pakistan tourism board of promoting bloody paki tourism.

    • Nope. We wouldnt ask of something like that. We would only hope that some thing of the sort happened to people and their families opposing this judgment and then we could simply sit back and enjoy a meaningfull debate.

    Brilliant article sir. Hatsoff to you. A man’s profession can sometimes take him to new lows but you sir have set a world record. The funny thing is => You must have spent an aweful amount of time writing this non sense. People like you have made the judicial system a mockery. For whom are u advocating so passionately? People like you has no conscience and embarrass the whole nation. I am not a hard core patriotic but you and people like you who advocate mercy for these barbaric criminals give a feeling of superiority to me.

  18. Mishraji, Please check your facts before you make any claims.

    **Yakub never surrendered, but was detained from Nepal and brought back to India
    ** His involvement is pretty evident that he did the large fund transfers to multiple account as part of the operations

    Last but not least – Yakub was an a$$h^le just like you 😛

  19. It is only in India that so called ‘experts’ sit in their secured place and come up with this kinda of s**t! Have you ever read any kind of protest once court has given its verdict in USA? This terrorist was sentenced by courts, right? So in what capacity all these guys are including writer making their case?And if you were so much for his life, were you sleeping for last 3 years when verdict was given? What did you do to see his verdict was changed? Wake up!!! It is stupidity on part of India govt to have kept him alive for so long….!!!

  20. 20 yeas in prison is not a joke after surrender it is like lifetime imprisonment no one specially muslim will nver trust the indian law and surrender again.after this incident..

  21. Thanks for posting, Mr. Mishra. It takes a brave man to stand up to this mob. For what it’s worth, you’re doing the right thing and I will pray for you. May god protect you from the uneducated, undiscriminating mob that is baying for blood, any blood.

  22. Sorry Amaresh, don’t agree with you even a bit.

    Yakoob’s life is not even worth a dime and personally I feel he had an easy death. He should have been tortured to death making him feel the pain of all those 257 people who died in the blast.

    If he was that ‘fabulous’ man you describe in your article, and he was not directly involved in those blasts and only involved innocently in ‘planning’ them, it is as good as being a mass murderer and cannot be called any less than a TERRORIST.
    Your article talks about his great work of giving India a lead of those attacks by naming it was his brother and hence save him from capital punishment. Should our judicial system be as dumb as you suggest that we keep clapping our hands because he named 2 other devil’s and not punish them?
    if this man was really not involved and stuff that u describe, why did he and his family flee from India?

    I had a friend in school who had lost her leg with the Bombay blasts. She lost her childhood, schooling and forever got her handicapped for no fault of hers. That innocent face of hers is what I can see and not yakoob’s. If he really had the heart he would have not allowed innocent people to go through this and would have given the lead before the blasts. No point giving after that. He has not been proved ‘not guilty’ for the author and many others to jump off our seats and feel for him.

    This friend is not in the 257 killed and there are many more like him. He has upturned thousands of lives who have done nothing to him. They don’t live their normal lives now, so why do you think this beast deserves it?
    So glad that he was finally executed. Disappointed he was allowed to live these many years and wasn’t brutally killed. That would have at least let the rest of the beasts out there know that India does react for terrorism.

  23. People like them should be tried for contemt of court. Court have given a judgement after 20 years of trial. If u had such issues you should have raised them in 2013 not now and that too in court not here. Why only terrorists have human rights and not the victims of those attacks? Cheap publicity tricks going on.. Shame on people like you..

  24. Itana dukhi ho to bhai use shradhanjli dene ke liye tum bhi uske sath chale jate……ghar me hi fanshi laga lo..
    Tumhe 250 log insan nahi lagate …ek aatakavadi ke liye bahut dard hai.

  25. Mr. Amaresh Misra…. Agar aapki family ka koi mar gaya hota 93 bomb blast me tab aapko pata chalta k kaun sahi hai kaun galat hai… tumhare jaise aur bhi is desh me paida ho gaye to desh ko barbad hote time nahi lagega… sharm karo yaar… at list SC k faisle ka to samman karo… aur is tarah se galat tarika apna k famous hone ki koshis mat karo… Ek terrorist ko support karte ho to ek din bhukhe rah lete… aur uske janaje me jaak 2 bund ghariyali anshu baha lete… iss desh ka namak kha raha hai tu kam se kham namak harami to mat kar tu bhai…

  26. Suppose I kill someone and then I went to police and give them detail about how I did it and who were the other people involved then according to your bullshit blog I should not be considered as equally guilty??? :-/ :-/

  27. Don’t write something for the sake of writing. It don’t belong to any community or caste. It is for humanity sake we need to dismiss these kind of people from middle of people…

  28. Indian Legal system is not so week that they will punish innocents.
    There needs to be very very very strong evidences which have landed in this decision.
    Even people do get benefit of doubt and escape.
    Here there was no doubt at all. And Hence

  29. Mr. Amiresh Misra, being indian you dont believe in your own justice system. From ur above article it sounds like you have full fledge information about yakub memon being innocent and naive….Think before you write something. And if you had all this evidences why didnt you opened your mouth for 20 years. You let an innocent person die for no fault of his and who was helping indian police…do not misuse ur journalism sir. And regarding capital punishment, u have to give such harsh punishments to the culprits otherwise no one will fear law. And what would have been your answer if any other crimainal would have hijacked innocent people and get yakub released. We would have to let him go and put our own future into darkness. And have you ever thaught about the families who have lost thier family members. Childrens lost their parents, parents lost thier only child, so many are still handicapped. So do not instill mis understandings among the society and give rise to communal turbulance.
    even if i agree to your article for a second, then Mr. Misra now its too late…You had 20 years for which u did nothing and now your proving your own justice system wrong.

  30. 5 terrorist killed 500 people, number 1 was arrested, after 25 years of trial he was sentenced death, intelligent, media and prominent people said arrest other 4 why hang number 1 only? Do you have an answers?

  31. India has proved that it is the most barbaric nation the word, a black spot, an oppressor, where innocents are hanged and criminals are set free.India’ s jurisdoction is an insult, it has no article of justice.Are u humen ? do u understand what justice is ? You have hanged an innocent.You have not hanged Yakoob only but you have hanged justice too.No one will ever trust your jurisdiction.You are liars, you dont keep your promises.You are the worst.

  32. The reality is no one would know his actual involvement.
    I can create a detailed report stating Yakub was guilty that will not make it true.
    I blame the Indian judicial system for getting its ass dragged for 21 years to come to a verdict. He may or may not be guilty. As i said u will never know the truth.

  33. I cant say injustice was done to yakub
    but I can say that injustice was done bcoz he was muslim
    ther r many case pending n still going on
    y dont govt take this kind of decisions to al these kind of guilty ppls
    yes they do if they r muslims

  34. Let me tell you something here. Yakoub as he is saying he is innocent and he was not involved directly. He surrender himself and wanted to come to india and give them information about the blasts. He did his part in return what did he get? 22 years in jail? And after that hanging….22 years in jail is not a joke. It is more than life imprisonment of 14 years.

  35. Hi Amit,
    First of all your tittle is misleading and that is not truth.
    Even some parts of your article is also misleading.

    For eg. you are saying //“Special Stigmatizing”: Yakub had returned in 1994 believing that there would be a fair trial. He was proved wrong.//

    Though he came to Kathmandu discussing with his advocate and relative regarding surrender, he was advised by his advocate not to surrender. So he also decided not to surrender and leave Nepal. When he is about to leave kathmandu to karachi he was detained by Nepal police on suspicion basis. So your statement is wrong here.

    You are stating
    //The judgement decreed capital punishment for him because of his “position of dominance” and the “gravity of the crime”.//

    What is wrong with this? More than this court also said he is the “driving spirit” of bomb blast.

    you are saying
    // Significantly, the Court commuted the sentences of the 10 others who had been awarded capital punishment by the trial court.//
    yes true. why the court did this. Court felt they are arrows and Yakub is one of the archer. only on this basis he was awarded capital punishment.

    further you are saying
    //Yakub Memon returned as a conscientious Indian citizen//

    no it is not true. he did not return but he was arrested.

    and again i am saying your heading is misleading. Pls read the judgement.
    Let me know if you would like to say anything.

  36. This is what the indian judicial system all about ,
    Our preamble inoculates the spirit of secularism
    But the people who have the the responsibility to
    Run the judiciary r mere Hippocrates following is to be
    Kept aside they don’t even listen what they themselves preach

    This is not the first time our history is full of these kinds of examples

    Operation blue star
    Riots after the death of indra gandhi
    Gujrat riots

    In india politicians dominate after dividing us on the basis of religion
    And god knows which religious book fundamentalizes blood shed

    Humanity is the biggest religion of the world.


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