Want to Leave, We are not Safe Here: Gurugram’s Muslim Family after Brutal Attack

One of the family member who was hiding on a top floor shot the video which has gone viral since then

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GURUGRAM – The Muslim family in Gurugram which was brutally attacked by at least 35 to 40 goons on the day of Holi (March 21) with rods and sticks is contemplating to leave their home.

The family who were also told to “go to Pakistan” had been living in Gurugram for the past 15 years.

One of the family members, Mohammad Sajid, who owns a furniture repair shop in Gurugram’s Ghasola village, said, “We are planning to either move back to our village or to Delhi. If this has happened here once, it can happen again. Even if something like this happens in our village, at least we will have 15-20 people who will stand by us. We are entirely alone here,” as quoted by the Indian Express.

Sajid had built a home for his wife and six children in Bhoop Singh Nagar colony in Dhumaspur village three years ago.


According to the FIR registered at Bhondsi police station, the incident took place when Sajid’s relatives had come to visit on Holi.

In the complaint, Sajid’s nephew, Dilshad, alleged that they were playing cricket in a vacant plot near the house, when some boys confronted them and said, “What are you doing here? Go to Pakistan and play.”

When Sajid intervened, one of the two men on the bike slapped him, Dilshad alleged.

In the moments that followed, the duo were joined by several others, allegedly armed with sticks, rods and swords, who barged into the family’s home, attacked them and stole their valuables.

Videos recorded by the victims show them trying to close the door to the terrace, even as the accused try to break it down.

In the video, a group of men can be seen beating up a man with rods and sticks, while another lies in the corner, even as two woman plead with the attackers to stop.

Sajid said that the goons who attacked them were not from their area and nobody in the neighborhood ever troubled them.

“This house was my dream, I invested all my savings and spent around Rs 20 lakh to build it. But now, I think it’s better to leave. We are not safe here,” he said.

Sajid’s wife, Sameena, said, “I kept asking them to leave us alone, but they did not listen.They beat us up; I was hit on the shoulder and thigh with a stick.”


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