Body of Tauhid Ansari before and after being brutalized in Ramgarh, Jharkhand on 19 June 2018.

The video apparently shot soon after his death shows Ansari lying dead in the bushes with no sign of assault on his body and his clothes fully intact, but a few hours later the body was found lying near a railway track, disrobed and almost burnt with acid or hot water

Caravan News

RANCHI: Day after 45-year-old Qasim was lynched by a mob over cow slaughter rumor in Hapur of Uttar Pradesh, reports about an alleged lynching of one Tauhid Ansari came from Ramgarh of Jharkhand on Tuesday and a photo of his half-burnt body made rounds on the social media. Now an early video of the Tuesday morning incident has emerged raising several questions about the whole incident and the negligence of the police.

The 43-second video, which could not be independently verified by Caravan Daily, shows Ansari lying dead in the bushes with no sign of even slight assault on his body and his clothes completely intact. It didn’t appear to be a typical case of lynching. In the video, about a dozen villagers and some cops are also seen surrounding the body and they appear clueless about the identity of the deceased. It appears from the talks of the villagers captured in the video that the incident happened around 9 AM. From the written complaint filed by Ansari’s father, it is clear that the family came to know about his death around 11 AM. Though Ansari had died around 9 AM, it appears that humanity died in the next two hours. Some unidentified persons poured acid or hot water on the dead body and it was dumped near a railway track.

“My son Tauhid Ansari had left home in Karma village around 5 AM on 19 June for some work in Chitarpur. We got information at 11 AM that body of my son was lying around 40 feet from the Chitarpur railway line. By looking at the body, it appears that my son was killed by merciless beating and hot water was doused on his body,” deceased’s father Khalil Ansari wrote in his complaint to the police.


He also wrote that around half kilometer from there, his son’s motorcycle was found lying. Local media and police have also said about a road accident. A report in the Dainik Bhaskar said that “an unknown vehicle hit a motorcycle in Chitarpur around 9 AM. As the bike fell on the ground, its dickey opened and small bags allegedly carrying beef spread on the road. The biker fled the spot. Around 12 PM, body of the biker was found near the railway track. The police have seized the meat and bike.”

In the video, villagers and some policemen are seen surrounding the body of Ansari. A villager is heard saying that he saw a man in a red T-shirt running into the jungle (Ansari is in the red T-shirt). Another says he might have suffered epilepsy and fell and could not get help in time.

Questions Raised By Video

— When police found Ansari’s body in the bushes, what did they do?

— Did they leave the body behind to the care of villagers or took it to hospital for legal processes?

— Who unleashed brutality on the dead body, when and why and where were the police at time?

— Was it done after his identity was known to the culprits?

— Who took the body from bushes to the railway track and why?

Godda Lynching :

Only last week, two Muslim men in early thirties were lynched by a mob on suspicion of stealing cattle in Godda district of Jharkhand. The victims were identified as Sirabuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Ansari (30).

Hapur Lynching :

The Hapur (Uttar Pradesh) lynching has evoked sharp reaction on social media.

Noted historian S lrfan Habib said: “Those indulging in such brutal lynchings are empowered groups. They are able to do it with impunity because the state looks the other way.”

Renowned writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar said: “Those gau rakshak who killed one and badly battered another man (Samiuddin) in Hapur should be punished for their barbaric act but what is the chance of justice where against the statements of even the accused the bigoted police is calling it a case of road rage. Good example of saaf neeyat.”


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