Uttar Pradesh Exported 7000 Tonnes of Cow Meat to Pakistan: Rashid Alvi

Congress leader Rashid Alvi. — File photo

Rashid Alvi accused the BJP of double-standard on cow slaughter

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NEW DELHI — Rashid Alvi, a former member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Congress leader, who was here to attend the AICC Minority Convention, on Thursday, alleged that 7000 tonnes of cow meat was recently exported from Uttar Pradesh to Pakistan.

“11000 cows were slaughtered in Uttar Pradesh and 7000 tonnes of cow meat were exported to Pakisan”, Alvi said quoting BJP leader and journalist Arun Shourie.

Alvi, a known name in Uttar Pradesh, while addressing the AICC Minority Convention in New Delhi, Rashid accused the BJP of double standard on cow slaughter and beef.

“In North India, the BJP encourages its cadre to kill people for cow slaughter whereas its Chief Minister in Goa promises to bring meat from Karnataka to tackle shortages”, Rashid Alvi said.

“The BJP has one policy in New Delhi and another in Goa. It’s a blatant double standard”, he said reciting an Urdu couplet, Yeh janab e shaikh ka falsafa, hai ajeeb sare jahan se.. Jo yeha piyo to haram hai, jo wahan piyo to halal hai.

Rashid Alvi also slammed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for arresting and framing Muslims of Amroha – his home constituency.

“For the NIA, tractor hydraulic jack is missile launcher and welding waste is raw used for making bombs. Strange. It seems you have arrested these Muslims just to please RSS”, he said.

Arif Naseem Khan, the former minister in Maharashtra government, while addressing the Minority Convention questioned the National Security Act (NSA) invoked against three Muslims, accused of cow slaughter in the Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh.

“If NSA is necessary to check cow slaughter, it should also be invoked against the cow vigilantes also,” he said while adding that “respect for cows is necessary as they are revered by our Hindu brothers and sisters.”



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