Six Arrested in Lonavala For Brutal Attack on Gujarati Muslim Family


The injured members of the Gujarat Muslim family who were beaten by horsemen in Lonovala.

Abdul Hafiz Lakhani | Caravan Daily

VADODARA — After the brutal attack on a Gujarati Muslim family in Lonavala, Maharashtra by a group horsemen three days back, Police have arrested six accused. Further investigation is on by the police in search of more people involved in the case.

Police have booked the six accused under IPC 354 and 397.

Members of a Muslim family from Vadodara, Gujarat were brutally attacked, women and girls molested by locals over a minor dispute with children at Lonavala on Monday.

The family had gone to Lonaval, a hillstation near Mumbai, for tourism where they suffered this humiliation and drubbing at the hands of locals for no valid reasons.

According to reliable sources a Muslim Memon family from Beena Nagar, Vadodara was on a visit to Tiger Hill in Lonavala. The children were enjoying horse-ride offered there by horsemen, for a price.

The things went wrong as at end of horse-ride horseman demanded more money than was agreed upon. During the argument, the horseman started abusing the family members and suddenly many horsemen came around and attacked them mercilessly.

“We all including my sisters, brothers and their families visited the popular Tiger Hill last Monday and the children are enjoying the horse riding. However, a little argument with the horseman led to brutal attack on us by the group of 50 odd people. They were inclined to rob us of our valuables and also tried to snatch the watch of my brother, and took away a lady purse with diamond earrings and cash inside… We all tried to save our family members from fatal injuries. Attackers did not spare anybody, even females and children from beating,” said Ibad Memon one of the injured.

The attackers left us with a warning not to file police complaint in the matter, informed Ibad.

A complaint was filed with rural Lonavala police by the help of Zuber Gopalani, who had come from Vadodra after the news of the incident reached him. Gopalani is a social worker in Vadodara and is in relation with the victim family.

Initially, police were not ready to register FIR, but when president of the Maharashtra state branch of the Samajwadi Party, Abu Asim Azmi wrote a letter to Shri Paramir Singh, Additional DGP to take immediate actions against the culprits, FIR was registered.

MLA Nawab Malik, and other prominent persons took this incident very seriously and swung into action to put some pressure to lodge FIR against the culprits.

Further investigations are underway to nab more culprits from the area.

According to hospital sources the condition of all the injured members of the victim family is improving and will be discharged soon.


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