Vaibhav Raut picked from his Nalasopara home with bombs and other explosives by Maharashtra ATS

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MUMBAI: With three members of Hindutva groups caught red-handed with live bombs, explosives and bomb literature by Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad or ATS, twitterati comprising senior journalists, rights activists and lawyers have reacted sharply.

Rajdeep Sardesai: ATS arrests in Maharashtra reveal the dark side of potential terror that has been allowed to go unchecked for too long. Sanathan Sanstha growing under the radar.

Sagarika Ghose: Why does the govt continue to be in denial about terror activities by radical Hindutva outfits?

Sreenivasan Jain: Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad unearths evidence of terror plot by hardline Hindu outfits, reports @IndianExpress. (Worth noting flak from BJP parivar when the ATS led by the late Hemant Karkare had unearthed similar evidence under the Congress).

Ashutosh: Will BJP/RSS still say that terrorism belongs to only one religion? What about sunil joshi, Kalsangra? Who were RSS members? Any reaction!

Nikhil Wagle: Today’s ATS raids show that arrested #SanatanSanstha and #ShivPratishtan members were involved in criminal activities. #ShivPratishtan is Sambhaji Bhide’s front. Bhide is a RSS product and Modi’s Guru. Will the government take action?

Rakesh Sharma: 8 bombs?! Why not ban these terrorist organisations? These so-called Hindutva vigilantes seem to operate with impunity, despite being under the scanner for prior bomb blasts & assassinations. They’re allegedly involved in killings of #GauriLankesh, #Kalburgi #Dhabolkar #Pansare.

Prashant Bhushan: Bombs, explosives, detonators recovered by Maharashtra ATS from ‘Gaurakshak’ & Sanathan Sanstha gangster Vaibhav Raut’s house. He was named as gang member by Mastermind of Gauri Lankesh murder. Are these lumpen goons & their Hindutva organizations not terrorists?

Prashant Bhushan: Large Hindutva terror module busted by Mah ATS with bombs, explosives& detonators! “They were up to something sinister and the bombs were active and ready to be used. Such a huge cache recovered before Independence Day and Bakrid is reason enough to worry”.

Vivek Varghese: Kudos to the police for arresting these terrorists. Hopefully they will be punished. Big chance that under current @BJP4India govt they will just be let go like the #Malegaon lot. #HinduTerrorism #SaffronTerror #SanatanSanstha #India #Rightwing #Maharashtra.

Hasan Bihari: #SaffronTerror #SanatanSanstha Vaibhab Nath Hindu terrorist arrested with 8 #Bombs from his residence. But it’s not breaking news for Media and Agencies. Actually before #2019LP #Hindutwa brigades are in work to create a panic in all over India. Country knows who is behind it.

In the past, BJP/RSS has denied existence of Saffron terror

In the last 15 years, members of Hindu-right groups were arrested in connection with several deadly terror blasts including ones that carried out at Mecca Masjid, Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Dargah and Malegaon. Dozens of them were sent to jail – many of them are still there. However, since BJP came to power at the centre in May 2014, prosecution in many of these terror cases have taken U-turn leading to release of some main accused like Swami Aseemanand and Lt. Col Purohit.

In all the terror cases above, Muslim youths were picked and pushed behind bars. Most of them were later acquitted by the courts.


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