Rahul Gandhi Holds RSS-BJP Responsible for Brutal Attack on Muslim Family in Gurugram


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NEW DELHI – Congress president Rahul Gandhi has held the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its parent organisation RSS responsible for the brutal attack on a Muslim family in Gurugram.

The helpless family members was brutally beaten up and asked to go to Pakistan on 21 March by a dozens of people with rod and hockey sticks. The brutal incident caught the national attention after the video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said, “Every patriotic Indian is disgusted by the video of a family in Gurugram being mercilessly beaten by hooligans.”

He blamed the RSS and the BJP for the attack, saying they “channelise bigotry and hatred”.

“The RSS/ BJP channelises bigotry and hatred for political power. This incident serves as a warning of the dangerous consequences and the dark side of that strategy,” Rahul Gandhi said in his tweet.

Rahul Gandhi was responding to an attack on a family in Gurugram where at least 35 to 40 goons assaulted three/four people from a Muslim family in Bhondsi area, Gurugram on Holi (March 21). A video showing the assault has surfaced online.

The attack has triggered widespread outrage in the country. Police have arrested six people so far and have registered an FIR under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Police said the victims were playing cricket outside a residence in Bhup Singh Nagar around 5 pm on Holi when the incident took place.

When the victims tried to escape, the attackers followed them and thrashed them inside a house until Shahid, one of the victims, lost consciousness.

The other goons also pelted stones at the house. Shahid’s father Mohamad Shamshad has claimed that they tried to contact the police many times but the police didn’t come to their rescue and the attackers kept beating them for about half an hour.


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