UAE Makes Character Certificate Mandatory for Expats Seeking Jobs


 The move comes as part of efforts to create a safer society, the UAE Coordination Committee reportedly said.

DUBAI — The United Arab Emirates has made character certificate mandatory for expatriates seeking jobs in the UAE. However, the certificate would not be required from those who come to the country on a visit or tourist visa. Arab media reported on Monday.

According to Gulf News, it has been compulsory for expatriates before applying for the jobs,  to get the  certificate of good conduct from either the homeland or the country where the candidate has lived for five years. The new regulations will come into force from February 4, 2018, announced a UAE government body, adding that the certificate must then be attested by the UAE diplomatic missions or oversees Customer Happiness Centres at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

It is learnt that the UAE Coordination Committee, which consists of members representing relevant UAE government bodies, said the move comes as part of efforts to create a safer society. — Web Report


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