Muslims Perform Last Rites of an Heirless Hindu



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NEW DELHI — Muslims in Muradnagar, a town in Uttar Pradesh, have performed the last rites of a Hindu migrant labourer from Nepal, Urdu Daily Rashtraya Sahara has reported.

A shop owner, Fakhruddin, who sells building material on the national highway in Brij Vihar colony, said, “Eight years ago a young Nepali man, who introduced himself as Om, came to me. He said he was unemployed and asked me for help. I gave him some training and employed at my shop and provided accommodation as well. During this time he visited Nepal several times.

“On April 8, he suddenly died. Now we were forced with the question who would perform his rites.” Fakhruddin added, “I approached many Hindus in the village requesting them to perform Om’s last rites according to Hindu customs but everyone gave me excuses.”

Fakruddin then called Asif, Mohammad Shahid, Shezad Malik and other Muslims in the colony and they took a collective decision to perform Om’s last rites.

Under the guidance of the local Hindu priest they took the funeral to Shamshanghat (cemetery) and Arif Malik ignited the pyre.

According to the daily by taking such a decision Muslims of Muradnagar have not only set a good example of human love for rest of the country.


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