Latvian Woman in Search of Medical Treatment Drugged, Raped and Beheaded in India

Latvian woman, Skromane, had left Ireland for India in search of treatment for her chronic depression.

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A woman who travelled to India to treat her depression was drugged, raped and beheaded before her body was found hung upside down in a forest.

Thirty-three-year-old Skromane had left Ireland for India in search of treatment for her chronic depression, when she was drugged, raped and then beheaded. Her body was recovered hanging in a forest.

The woman who had originally been from Latvia had been residing in the Irish capital of Dublin for the past five years, with her partner. Accompanied by her sister, Skromane had flown into Kerala in February.

As per media reports, the woman was to receive the comprehensively disregarded traditional ayurvedic therapy before she went missing only a short period after her arrival.

Her last reported visit was at a beach after she visited the Ayurvedic center.

The dead body of Skromane was found decomposing close to a mangrove forest in Thiruvallam on April 22.

The findings after investigations were released by police who stated that the late tourist had been lured by two men, who are currently in custody, before she was drugged, raped and killed.

Two suspects are drug peddlers and one is a repeat offender with a history of sexually abusing men and women in the area where Ms Skromane’s body was found, according to NDTV.



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