IMRC Starts Work On Four New Projects In India

 Jama Masjid at Aligarh Muslim University
Jama Masjid at Aligarh Muslim University.

THE US-based charity organization, Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC) has added four new projects, on which it aims to work in 2017 along with several other projects running side by side.

From renovation of Jama Masjid at Aligarh Muslim University, establishing and upgrading 10 skill development centers in Bihar to expansion of  the Indo-US Hospital at Hyderabad. The charity organization will also construct a hostel for its Challenger civil services academy at Hyderabad.

There existed a shortage of funds towards the completion of renovation of Jama Masjid, and IMRC had consented and committed to compensate for the shortage. $100,000 has been already raised, which will cover the remaining amount and preserve a piece of India’s Islamic history and culture.

In order to enhance the skills of youth in Bihar, IMRC has established ten skill development centers in 10 blocks covering six districts of Bihar, which needs up gradation and also expansion to the other parts of the state.

Indo-US hospital is run by IMRC at Hyderabad which focuses on providing healthcare for diabetes and its related illnesses. The authorities have  approved to expand the hospital and add a 6th floor. The next floor will house classrooms to provide vocational courses in healthcare. These courses will focus on vocational certificate programs in professions such as nurse technicians, emergency technicians, certified nursing assistants, phlebotomy, and more. An amount of $100,000 is needed to expand its services.



The Challenger civil services  academy was started at Hyderabad in May last year, with an aim to motivate more students to take up civil services exams and provide quality coaching at affordable costs to local students who earlier went to Delhi for coaching. The academy also provides hostel facility for students coming from different parts of state.

The work on the four-story hostel, which is estimated to cost around Rs 3.6 crore, is already under progress. Besides those students who can’t afford the fee are given scholarships at the academy.

With each trip to India, we revisit our projects to check on their impact, effectiveness and ways of improvement. With every project IMRC began over the past 35 years, it was a solution to a problem. As we approach the end of the year, we look back and see if there’s anything else in our capacity we can do. We felt dire need to start four new projects for 2017,” said Executive Director, IMRC, Manzoor Ghori.

Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) is a non-profit organization which began in 1981 and helps run several programmes throughout the country in partnership with over 100 organisations. It focuses on providing education, emergency relief, medical and legal aid, shelter and food for the needy. It has been at the forefront of providing immediate relief to affected victims of the 2016 Bihar Floods, 2015 West Bengal Floods, 2015 Nepal earth quakes, 2014 Kashmir Floods, 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, 2012 Assam riots, and other natural/man-made calamities.


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