Hotheads Fall Like Broken Dolls — Badri Raina


BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

This Mr.Trump is a unique one.

Had he not been President

And Commander-in-Chief.

He might have been great fun.


When at the helm of affairs,

It does not always help

To have one’s own mind:

Hitler and Stalin had theirs,

And look at what they did to



Democracy teaches us

To put our heads together;

One Hothead in a very high place

Inflames everyone’s weather.


Alas, Trump is not alone,

Hotheads now rule many a deck.

 And lock their arms of tyranny

Around the people’s neck.


Hotheads are short on memory,

What Hothead ever recalls

How when the people heat up beyond repair

Hotheads fall like broken dolls.


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