Popular Front Spent Rs 9 Crore On Social Welfare Programs in 2013

The Popular Front of India National General Assembly held in Calicut also demanded a judicial commission to probe all terror attacks since 1992.
The Popular Front of India National General Assembly held in Calicut also demanded a judicial commission to probe all terror attacks since 1992.


Caravan Report

CALICUT, Feb 6 — Popular Front of India (PFI) spent nearly nine crores on its educational and economic empowerment programs in 2013. This came in a report presented at the annual National General Assembly(NGA) meeting held at Puthanathani, Kerala from February 1-3.

The organization largely focused on socio-economic development and has successfully implemented various projects like school kit distribution, single teacher schools, interest-free micro loans, Sarva Shiksha Grams in different states.

Delegates from different states who participated in the meeting stressed that the organization now, twenty years after its formation in 1993, has to expand its activities to new fields. It was also observed that the organization could not make expected advancement in fields like media and social networks but has had increased support from students and ulema.

In the discussion held on the topic “100 Years of Freedom”, most of the delegates expressed the opinion that the country’s greatest threat in coming years would be the instabilities created by the rapid advancement in technology.

E Abubacker in his concluding remarks said that the organization should draw the new generation’s attention to new ground realities. Addicted to social networks, they withdraw themselves into a world of their own after personally reacting to the injustice on social networks. Only when we get them involved in social realities an alternative political strategy could be evolved.

Chairman KM Shareef, Vice Chairman Prof. P Koya, General Secretary O M A Salam, Muhammadali Jinnah, Elyas Mohammed Thumbe, (Mangalore) Ansar Indori (Delhi), Karamana Ashraf Moulavi (Kerala), K Sadath (Kerala), Aslam Master and Haseebul Islam (Murshidabad) led the discussions

The NGA concluded with a speech by K.M. Shareef in which he reminded the leaders about their responsibilities and motivated them to become a vehicle of empowerment for the marginalized sections of our society. The NGA passed the following resolutions:

Use Vote to Defeat Fascist Forces

The Annual National General Assembly calls upon the people to use their vote wisely in the coming General Election and defeat the rightist fascist forces returning with the false slogan of economic development and evoking intensely sectarian and exclusivist national feelings. We have clinching evidence that BJP works hands in glove with Indian National Congress where economic interests and policies are concerned, the Resolution No.1 said.

“They followed the neo-liberal and anti-poor economic program when in power and even started divesting many public sector enterprises for a pittance and supported the big corporate houses to plunder the country’s natural resources. The deprivation, poverty and hunger in many Indian states are a direct result of such policies.

“The saffron brigade is also notorious for dividing people on the basis of religion and has supported sabotage, bombings and anti-Muslim riots for political objectives and also to instill fear among the minorities. The genocide in Gujarat in 2002 leaves an indelible mark on the national psyche for the mayhem and cruelty shown by the state government and the Hndutva mobs. It still remains a bleeding wound of the nation.”

“The General Assembly is also of the opinion that the saffron brigade is trying to benefit from the strong mood of the nation against the maladministration and rampant corruption of UPA government. It reminds the voters that all corruption scandals in the country have a saffron touch and there’s no list of beneficiaries without Hindutva leaders among them. From Yediyurappa to Gadkari we have a rogues’ gallery of corruption. All BJP-led governments including Modi’s Gujarat are cesspools of corruption. So instead of the corrupt Congress what we get is institutionalized system for national loot. The Assembly also requests people not to be carried away by the high-voltage propaganda unleashed by Modi and his henchmen.”

It is also pointed out that new avatars like AAP in Delhi are only trying to capture power without a clear ideology or action plan but with a single point agenda of fighting corruption. Gimmicks and unsustainable populist slogans are not going to solve the country’s perennial problems like hunger illiteracy, sectarianism and child deaths.

“The only option for the people of India is to develop grass root level political movements with fresh ideas and programs. It is only simple wisdom that they vote truly democratic and secular forces untainted by corruption and hunger for power. Muslims as a community have to be exceptionally vigilant and careful in using their votes this time.”

Constitute Judicial Panel to

Probe Terror Attacks

The National General Assembly expresses its deep concern at the recent disclosure of Swami Aseemanand to a Delhi based magazine that RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat supported and encouraged him to launch terror attacks in various parts of the country.

Aseemanand has divulged that he and his fellow criminals ware behind murderous bomb blasts against Muslim targets. To achieve their nefarious objectives he conspired with prominent RSS leaders like Indresh Kumar, Sunil Joshi, Sandeep Dange, Ramji Kalsangare, Lokesh Sharma etc.

A Popular Front of India protest against corruption and inflation.
A Popular Front of India protest against corruption and inflation.

The Popular Front of India has always expressed the view that most of the terror attacks that killed or maimed innocents were part of Hindutva conspiracy to create terror and destabilize the country. It is nothing revelatory when we learn that Narendra Modi rendered crucial assistance to the attacks on the Christians in Daangs in Gujarat. It is now open that Aseemananda was given ‘Guruji Puraskar’ by RSS leadership for his role in in Daangs carnage. His new revelation buttresses his earlier confession before the magistrate about the involvement of RSS and its allies in the blasts.”

“In the light of these shocking revelations the Assembly calls up on constitute a judicial commission to probe on the entire activities of RSS and its frontal outfits and to chalk out plausible mechanism to curb the sinister anti-national agenda of the organization.”

· Reinvestigate all the terror attacks and alleged blasts that took place since 1992 on war footing and bring all people involved to book.

· Take emergent steps to release the innocent youths kept in various jails in the country under terror alleged cases and pay them sufficient compensation.

Return of Autocracy in

Middle East Regretted

“The NGA of Popular Front deeply regrets the re-emergence of military backed dictatorship in the Middle Eastern countries. This is indeed an insult to the sacrifices of the men and women who gave their lives to overthrow brutal dictatorship regime and defend democracy. The role of anti-democracy military regimes in the murder of democracy was not a shocking act but the foul role of western powers who claim to be protectors of democracy has once again exposed their hypocrisy.”

“The most unfortunate attitude was that of the Indian government which chose to be silent during the mass killings of pro-democracy activists. Being the world’s largest democracy our country has failed miserably to intervene in protecting democracy in countries like Egypt which has been a historical friend of India. Such a stand by our country presents a poor image of India as a stooge of the imperialist and Zionist powers.”

High Illiteracy Rate in

India Alarming sign

“According to a report by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, India has the highest population of illiterate adults at 287 million and India’s illiteracy rate has increased to 63%. Illiteracy has been a major issue for the country since decades.

“There have been tall claims by successive government about steps to resolve this problem but the facts revealed by the UN makes us question such claims. It is indeed ridiculous that our state and central governments are boasting India as the next super power but the fundamental question of how a country with such a huge illiterate population can claim such super power status has never been answered.

“The NGA of Popular Front strongly demands the Central and State government to give due priority to this problem by a serious review of its failed policies and implement a strong action plan.



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