Muzaffarpur University’s Deputy Registrar Attacked over Pooja Donation

B R Ambdekar University, Muzaffarpur

Caravan News                  

PATNA — Deputy Registrar of Muzaffarpur’s B R Ambedkar University Aatif Rabbani was attacked on Saturday allegedly by a group of people who had approached him for Pooja donation a week back. Rabbani received injuries during the attack but he is safe now.

Speaking to Caravan Daily about the incident, Rabbani said, “Around a week back, I was in my University chamber when a group of people came into my room. They were forcibly demanding Rs. 500 from a person who had come to meet me. This is the kind of hooliganism that takes place in Bihar in the name of Saraswati pooja. The visitor had only 100 rupees. So I interrupted and told them to take whatever amount the visitor was donating. Following which, he misbehaved and abused me.”

Speaking about the assault, Rabbani, a former scholar of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, said, “Yesterday, when I entered the university campus, they stopped me and started beating me. They were around 15-20 people. It could have turned into another mob lynching incident and I could have been killed if I would have failed to escape them. It was a dangerous situation. I sustained some injuries but I’m safe now.”

Pointing at the attackers, he said, “The attackers are from the university hostel. The hooligans are residing in the rooms allotted by the University.”

Criticizing the hooliganism that reigns in the name of pooja donation, Rabbani’s friend Abhay Kumar, said, “In the name of religion and donation (chanda) common man is harassed. As a resident of Bihar, I have seen how donation in the name of puja is literally extorted from people. The fact that Atif Rabbani, a deputy registrar in a university, is not safe, within university campus shows the complete failure of law and order in the state.”

According to Kumar, who highlighted the issue through his Facebook post, maintained that this is the second incident that happened in Bihar’s university where a group of people attacked the university staff. Earlier, at Motihari’s Mahatama Gandhi University, faculty Sanjay Kumar, who was also a JNU scholar, had been roughened up. He had to be rushed to AIIMS for treatment.

Expressing his anger over the incidents, Kumar said, “Note that Atif Rabbani is yet another victim of goonadaism and physical attacks taking place in universities of Bihar. A few months back, Sanjay Kumar, also a JNU scholar who was teaching at Mahatama Gandhi University, Motihari, was severely beaten up. Kumar got seriously injured and had to be rushed to AIIMS for treatment. These incidents have sent shock waves among teachers and students, particularly those who are alumni of JNU.”



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