Muslim Professionals Conduct Zakat Survey for Better Utilization of Islamic Charity


Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — Making an intervention in the donation and distribution of Islamic charity system, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), an NGO working for the economic empowerment of Muslims, is conducting a national survey regarding the Zakat in order to utilize it in an organized way.

The online survey which will be conducted till April 20 has several questions for the people to answer. Some of the questions being – What should be the best way to give Zakat? Do you think that Collective Zakat has the potential of transforming the Muslim community in India? According to you, the most important area where Zakat should be used? Do you agree that there should be a process to make today’s Zakat beneficiary to Zakat giver in future? Do you think there is a requirement of the mechanism (developing organization) for collective Zakat fund system, to bring a change in how Zakat is collected and distributed? These are some of the important questions that they have asked in the survey. You can participate in the survey going on this link.

“The result and analysis on the basis of the survey will be the representative of the bigger Zakat Donor population and will help to develop strategies for better collection and utilization of zakat for the welfare of the economically backward Muslim Ummah. The results of the survey will be shared with all the participants so they can get a proper perspective about Zakat donation. The result of this survey shall be used for the academic purpose and the outcome of the survey will serve as a guide in making Zakat a stronger pillar in the lives of the Muslim Ummah,” said the AMP in its press statement.

Zakat is one of the fundamental duties in Islam which is mandatory for each rich Muslims to pay it in every year. A large number of Muslims in India, as well as the world, pay zakat every year according to the wealth they possess. But there is no holistic system to collect and distribute zakat in the country. People who are capable to pay it often distribute it in their own ways and capacity. AMP chief Amir Edresy said that they are collecting the information through the survey so that they can make a plan to distribute zakat on the basis of concrete data rather than assumption.

“As we know that the current mechanism of zakat distribution and collection is unorganized. Zakat is not being utilized properly. We are not able to utilize it at the scale we need to. Ideally, we wanted to know the pattern of usage? What is the way they are distributing their zakat? Whether they are getting some impact of the zakat or not? What are the results from the zakat that they pay?” said Edresy while talking to Caravan Daily.

On the other hand, he said that his association wanted to know the wish-list of the zakat giver, as to where they want their zakat to be spent. How the zakat should be distributed? And what objectives should be achieved through zakat?

He said that after having received feedback, his association will develop a report, which shall be released before Ramazan so that people get to know what should be done in this regard. How things should be done? What do people think about it? The entire effort is to ‘develop a mechanism that may help people to transform their life through zakat’ and to achieve the desired results from it.

Edresy said that they are getting a good response from the people and a large number of people are participating in the survey. He is also happy that many prominent Muslims also took part in the survey. He said that this survey will help them and other Muslims to chalk out a strategy for the better utilisation of zakat.

They planned to conduct this survey as Ramazan is drawing closer. In the month of Ramzan, Muslims mostly pay their zakat. “As we are aware Islam intended that our Zakat is used for the Welfare of the underprivileged in the Ummah. However, is our Zakat reaching the right person? Is it getting the desired results which the Holy Quran and Hadith intend to?” asked the AMP official.

The professionals have pointed out that a large section of the Muslim community is living below the poverty level. They urged the affluent Muslims to take part in rescuing them from poverty. “As per a government survey, today 30% or more than 6 crore Indian Muslims are below the poverty line (BPL) and there is little or no government intervention to alleviate their problems. It is thus the responsibility of the well to do Muslims to use the tool of Zakat effectively and help the underprivileged from the Ummah. However, this would be possible only if there is a centralised system for the collection and distribution of Zakat as was intended and practised by Rasool Allah (SAW),” AMP noted.

AMP Zakat Fund Project Facts & Figures 

Figures/Year Year 2013 Year 2014 Year 2015 Year 2016 Year 2017 Year 2018
Total Zakat Fund Collected 2,06,000 7,99,000 20,65,040 38,79,750 43,25,776 69,62,803
Total Zakat Fund Distributed 2,00,000 7,75,773 20,60,000 38,66,000 43,07,150 69,42,300
Balance 6,000 23,227 5,040 13,750 18,626 20503
Fund Utilized for Higher Education 1,00,000 4,00,773 10,60,000 10,30,000 15,57,150 2383500
Fund Utilized for Self Employment 1,00,000 3,75,000 10,00,000 12,65,000 14,25,000 2500000
Fund Utilized for Orphans Scholarship 5,73,000 10,25,000 2018800
Fund Utilized for IIT Scholarship 8,50,000
Fund Utilized for Specific Donations 1,48,000 3,00,000 40000
Beneficiaries for Higher Education 10 41 106 103 112 167
Beneficiaries for Self Employment 5 18 42 50 71 89
Beneficiaries for Orphans Scholarship 120 174 324
Beneficiaries for IIT Scholarship 5
Beneficiaries for Specific Donations 6 1 1
Total Beneficiaries 15     59 152 284 358 581



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