Mushawarat Warns Against Forced Repatriations in Muzaffarnagar





NEW DELHI, Oct 24 — The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, today condemned the report submitted by the Samajwadi party delegation after visiting Muzaffarnagar and adjoining areas, which claims that madrassas out of their self interest are thwarting attempts to repatriate the refugees to their villages. The Mushawarat also condemned the UP Samajwadi government’s attempts to forcibly repatriate refugees against their wish to their villages where their relatives were killed and burned alive, where their houses were torched and where their women were raped and girls kidnapped.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President of AIMMM, said in a statement here that while Mushawarat appreciates UP Samajwadi Party’s attitude in taking care of the refugees and paying compensation in record time, it takes very grim view of the UP administration’s attempts to forcibly repatriate the refugees against their will while their killers are roaming free and attacking even mediamen visiting those villages. Dr Khan said while villagers who fled out of fear only have mostly gone back but those who witnessed murder, arson and rape and whose homes and properties were burnt to ashes and where their women were raped and girls kidnapped, are not ready to go back. Dr Khan said, we have ascertained this independently without any intervention or presence of madrassa people while interacting with refugees during two visits to over a dozen of these camps,

Dr Khan said, if UP administration is serious about repatriating the refugees, it should first arrest all those accused by the refugees, get their homes, shops and factories repaired and rebuilt and place a permanent picket of Rapid Deployment Force or Army in each village which witnessed atrocities like the villages of Lisadh, Kutba-Kutbi, Phugana, Lakh and Batawdi, etc.

Dr Khan further said that the madrassas and mosques played an admirable role and sprang to action while the state administration was still sleeping. “They provided shelter and food to these victims. We thank the administrators of these madrassas and mosques and reject in its entirety the slur made by the Samajwadi Party team whose aim is only to save the face of the party which has been blackened by its passive participation in the riots.”


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