Minister and Bureaucrat — Badri Raina

Union Minister Jayant Sinha garlanding and offering sweets to convicts of Ramgarh lynching in Jharkhand.

BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily


When minister garlands convict.

Democracy is at its peak;

When bureaucrat speaks the truth.

The iron-frame has a leak.


Some media mention the minister.

Most bash the bureaucrat;

Loyal spokesperson thunders

How the minister is a patriot.


The voices that would rectify

The sickening perfidy

Find the caged parrot chasing them

To the ends of the city.


Across the land from end to end

A fever is in the pate;

Sanity slinks to a backseat

 As the righteous celebrate hate.


Laws propitiate satraps

Down to the minion;

Innocent citizens killed for sport

Are enemies of the nation.


Technology is hand in glove

With brutes in modern caves;

Gadgets wait on gut-instincts,

The gadgetless are knaves.


Have you a question you would ask,

Go to some primitive land

Where animals live in harmony

And your motions understand.


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