Kerala Institute Run By Muslims Bans Face-Covering on Campus


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM — This is not a ban on burqa, a long loose robe like dress Muslim women wear to cover up their bodies over their usual dresses, nor it is a ban on headscarves, the Muslim Educational Society (MES) of Kerala has put a ban on face-covering attires, can be called niqab or veils, on their campus.

Though the decision may face stiff opposition and condemnation from different quarters of the Muslim community, Kerala based institute has banned all face-covering attires.

The Kozhikode headquartered the Muslim Educational Society (MES) that runs over 150 educational institutions in the state banned all face-covering attires from their campus from the upcoming academic year 2019-20, reports IANS.

President of the popular Muslim organisation Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, however, termed the decision of the MES wrong saying MES cannot decide on religious issues.

MES President Fazal Gafoor, a medical professional, issued the circular in April and directed that this should be strictly adhered to by both students and teachers in all their educational institutions.

“There is no need for any controversy as the circular states that the dress code should be decent and the face should not be covered. This is our view and it will be implemented,” said Gafoor clarified while talking to media.

However, Sayyid Muhammad Jifri Muthukkoya Thangal, president of the popular Muslim organisation Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, said that these are all religious issues.

“MES, cannot decide on religious issues and it’s not right in what they have done,” said Thangal.

Set up in 1964, MES runs more than 150 institutions including more than 50 schools, a number of postgraduate colleges, women’s colleges, professional institutions like engineering colleges, medical college, nursing college and dental college.


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