Indian PM is A Fierce Nationalist, A Loyal Soldier of Hindutva

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. — File photo

Mousumi Roy | Caravan Daily

WE ARE tired of listening to (Modiji ) rhetoric on the last 70 years being a monolithic disaster. You claim India has become a great country under your leadership now as if you had inherited on assuming this office, a basket case of a country. Indians have such an unmatched genius as our Prime Minister. The entire world will be benefitted if the Nation tells him on the 23rd of May that radar science needs him much more than India does. He wants Baba Ramdev to start a new department in the University of Patanjali for him which will be called Department of Vedic Radar Systems. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has already offered him a chair, but since our PM is a fierce nationalist, Modiji will go down in history as the most vicious Prime Minister India has ever had.

Were we treated like slaves in the last 70 years? Barring the Emergency, a blot on our democracy, we have booted out powerful yet corrupt/communal governments regularly. Free expression thrives in Indian democracy. Within the bounds of the Constitution and the Courts of Law. Which is a great thing? Has been. Is. And will remain. Was Modiji not sounding like a person who builds the top 2 stories of a 30 storey under-construction building and then claims credit for the entire building? He should know better than to constantly use the same electoral rhetoric from every platform (that National War Memorial speech was the pits!) he climbs on to.

His “Yes Prime Minister” colleagues and supple-spined bureaucrats might not tell him that he is beginning to sound like a broken record, but let a humble voter, who voted for him in 2014, and then has seen his shenanigans plumb newer depths with each passing year, tell him this: The law of diminishing returns is kicking in. He is monstrously arrogant and monumentally ignorant. He is matchless. The fight for secularism will be long and arduous.

Regardless of any court allegedly having cleared the PM of the charges of abetment in mass murder if not a participation in them post Godhra PM is morally responsible for the state-sponsored ethnic cleaning and pogrom let loose on innocent victims. Ask any Sanghi he will cite 1984 for which Sonia and the party apologised to the community. A measure of the arrogance of the man is that he knows that this question will be asked and yet he is confident of his usual clean chit argument.

Good people who genuinely think there is no alternative to this man have to be taught history — that of Nazi Germany. If they do not pass the exam at the end of it, they must be given a second chance – be sent to appropriate asylums for detox and rehab. (Applies only to those tempted in 2014 and deceived by lies during 2014- 2019. No paisa to be wasted on long term acolytes!). Almost the entire five years of the Fuehrer’s government is a story of using ‘is’ for ‘will be’! No wonder Bill Clinton told a grand jury, in response to a question, “that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.

They represent elite, feudal and regressive schools of thought. It is a difficult task. but needs to be fought. They are everywhere and the fault lies with the Congress party. That is a clear perspective. Modi, for all his faults, is not the original compounder of the poison. He is a loyal soldier of Hindutva.

One has to come from the deepest pit of malaise to accuse a person who gave his life for the nation and for the acts of its army as one who died with a stigma of corruption. Even V P Singh, who used the Bofors scandal to come to power in 1989, never accused that Rajiv Gandhi personally took money. The tragedy of such inquiries is that names and reputations get massacred and when the unambiguous clearance of no wrongdoing for personal gain on Bofors came in 2007, Rajiv and the Defence Secy and others accused were dead. They took ignominy of being part of a scam, to their graves without knowing that they were finally cleared of all charges by the Courts of this land. The Swedish Prosecutor who had leaked the Bofors investigations to Chitra Subramanian, the Hindu ‘s European Correspondent, also came into the open and gave Rajiv a clean chit. Their real crime was to move the Bofors procurement file by hand, to speed up the entire process.

Now going by the systematic narratives around Rajiv family from various people in BJP even invoking DNA test, suggest that this is a well planned, criminally coordinated attack by wolves and PM is only heading that pack.

Have the decency and wisdom to not use the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Navy and Indian paramilitary forces for your electoral strategy and plans. These are national assets funded by the taxpayers of the country. They are not the BJP’s private army.

It is clear that the Left has no big influence among the working class of Delhi or perhaps anywhere in India at present. The land of the rising sun where the lotus will not bloom. As of now no threat of seceding from the union. He could/should be PM again, but hopefully with stronger opposition. In my humble opinion that will be better for the country…Respect is commanded, not demanded.


Mousumi Roy is a Visiting Professor (International Relations). She is Based in Muscat. The views expressed here are the author’s personal.


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