Gold Tiffin Box, Jewel Studded Cup, Other Artefacts Stolen from Nizam’s Museum in Hyderabad

The gold tiffin box which has been stolen from Nizam Museum.

HYDERABAD (PTI) — Antique items, including a gold tiffin box and a cup studded with rubies, diamonds and emeralds, were found stolen from the Nizam’s Museum at Purani Haveli, police said onMonday.

The theft took place last night from the third gallery of the museum, a senior police official said, based on a complaint lodged by the museum authorities.

The antique items belong to the seventh Nizam, he said, adding they were examining CCTV footage.

A security official said guards opened the room in the third gallery Monday morning and noticed that the gold tiffin box was missing along with the cup, a saucer and a spoon, following which they informed the police. “The ventilator on the first floor was broken open and the burglars gained entry using a rope. They made away with a gold tiffin box, a cup studded with rubies, diamonds and emeralds, a saucer and a spoon,” he said.

The Nizam’s Museum showcases the collection of Nizam Osman Ali Khan, the seventh and last Nizam and also his father’s (sixth Nizams) wardrobe. The galleries at the museum stock silver and gold artefacts and replicas of landmark constructions. Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar and other senior officials visited the museum following the incident.


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