First Meo Muslim Woman Becomes Lecturer of Sanskrit


Shabnam Mewati aling with family. — Photo taken from media

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NUH/MEWAT — Shabnam is the first Muslim woman of Mewat to become a Sanskrit lecturer. She is ardent lover of Sanskrit language.

She secured PGT post in Sanskrit. Resident of Firozpur, Shabnam told that becoming a Sanskrit lecturer is her dream come true.

After marriage she had thought that she could never fulfil her dream but she says her husband Sarfaraz Anjum who is also a teacher encouraged her and helped her achieve her goal.

Shabnam says some people think Sanskrit is the language of other community and not of Muslims, but, she says, it is not so. Every member of the society should have an understanding of Sanskrit, she said.

According to Inquilab Urdu daily, Shabnam belongs to a well-educated family. Her father is an advocate in Alwar. Her brother Samiullah Khan is a BSNL employee, another brother Nazim Husain is an advocate, while the 3rd brother is a software engineer in England and the 4th brother is also a software engineer.

She has 3 sisters and all of them are government servants.

Shabnam is the first Muslim Sanskrit teacher from Mewat there are many lecturers of Sanskrit and Hindi language from Muslim community in India as education can not be divided on the basis of religions.

Prof Kishwar Jabin Nasreen, a scholar of Sanskrit language, has been teaching at Allahabad Unversity since long. She was appointed as the head of the Sanskrit department of the university in 2014.

Nasreen is also of the view that a language has nothing do with one’s religion. “For me every language is a source of knowledge,” Nasreen, who has been studying Sanskrit from sixth standard, once said.

Nasreen, who is also proficient in Russian and German languages, had said during an newspaper interview in 2014, that she never encountered any problem from within her own family for pursuing a career in Sanskrit. “We see it as a matter of pride….for us it’s a knowledge,” she says. She also knows Persian.


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