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LUCKNOW — Founded on the premises of Shamshan-Qabristan type of communal polarisation in March 2017, the Uttar Pradesh BJP government of Yogi Adityanath has hardly been seen doing anything big and positive for empowerment of the Muslim community. But on Monday, it took a big step in regard with the minority community – it announced to cancel recruitment of 4,000 Urdu teachers.

The recruitment process was started by the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board in December 2016 under the then Samajwadi Party government of Akhilesh Yadav.

Soon after assuming office in March 2017, Yogi halted the process for recruitment of 4,000 Urdu teachers and on Monday it decided to cancel it altogether.

On the other hand, two days after cancelling the recruitment of Urdu teachers, the Yogi government on Wednesday cleared funds for three Hindu religious fairs. According to ANI news agency, the state BJP government has cleared Rs 60 lakh for Maa Lalita Devi Shaktipeeth Amavasya Mela, Rs 48 lakh for Maa Pateshwari Shaktipeeth Devipatan Tulsipur Mela and Rs30 lakh for Maa Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth Mela.

The comparison between Urdu teachers’ recruitment and government funding for Hindu religious fairs may appear to be a mismatch but it holds ground in view of the reactions from the Muslim community over the cancellation of recruitment of Urdu teachers.

Maulana Khalid Rasheed, Executive Committee Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said: “Urdu is the second official language in Uttar Pradesh. Supreme Court has issued directions to promote Urdu. But the way the UP government has cancelled recruitment of Urdu teachers it is disturbing. The govt should reconsider its decision and ensure appointment of Urdu teachers.”

Urdu scholar Adil Faraz was more direct: “The agenda of BJP has been such and it has not made any policy and program for Muslims that we can say this government has come on the plank of Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. If Urdu is smothered, then Muslims will have no langue to protect their civilizational and cultural heritage.”

Maulana Sufiyan Nizami from Madrasa Firangi Mahal said: “The government should not see Urdu from a specific view, rather it should take it as an official language.”

During the campaign for the UP Assembly elections in Feb-March 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that if a village has a Qabristan, it must have a Shamshan also. Political observers noted that this blunt communal rhetoric played key role in polarizing the voters on communal lines, and consequently BJP got a massive victory in the elections.


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