Court Extends Police Custody for 10 Muslim Youth Arrested Over Suspected Terror Link


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MUMBAI — Ten Muslim youth, who were arrested from Aurangabad and Mumbai over terror link, have been given to the police custody for more 9 days by a UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention Act)) court in Aurangabad on Tuesday.

According to information received from the office of the Jamiat Ulema Hind (Arshad Madani group), Maharashtra, who is providing legal assistance to the Muslim youth, all the Muslim youth accused, who were arrested by Maharashtra ATS Squad, have been given under police custody for more nine days by the UAPA judge KR Chowdhry.

The accused Salman Khan, Mohsin Khan, Mazhar Shaikh Abdurrasheed, Mohammed Taqi, Mohammed Sarfraz, Abdul Haq Usmani, and Jamal Nawab and others are being given legal assistance by Maharashtra Jamiat Ulema Hind.

The prosecution had sought 12 days police custody but the defense objected to it. Then, the court sent them under police custody for more 9 days.

Advocate Khizar Patel, representing Jamiat Ulama, on behalf of the accused argued in the court that the investigation against the accused has been completed and the ATS has seized all the things from them. Hence Police custody should not be extended. But the special court sent the accused under the police custody till 12 February as the prosecution asked for it saying the investigation could not be completed.

The accused’s family members, who had come from Aurangabad, however, were allowed to meet the accused after Advocate Khizar Patel got them permission from the court.

Gulzar Aazmi, in-charge of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind’s legal assistance committee, said that the Muslim youth have been arrested on the suspicion only and the ATS could not get any conclusive evidence even after completing the first remand.

Mr Aazmi further informed that the Jamiat has under the leadership of Advocate Khizar Patel, formed a legal team of experts to pursue the case and to provide all the assistance to the accused Muslim youth.

The ATS has arrested the said Muslim youths on the suspicion of having sympathy with ISIS and that they were planning to spread terror in the country, according to reports.



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