Communal Tension in Gurugram after Brutal Attack on Helpless Muslim Family

One of the family member who was hiding on a top floor shot the video which has gone viral since then

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GURUGRAM – Following the brutal attack on a helpless family belonging to Muslim community in Gurugram’s Bhup Singh Nagar, the area is charged with communal animosity.

On March 21, As many as 35-40 goons barged into the victims’ home and brutally assaulted them until one family members fell unconscious. After the video of the assault has gone viral on the social media, the political leaders, social activists and concerned citizen targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the chilling incident.

A large number of people assembled outside the house of Mohamad Shamshad, the victim, on Saturday.

According to Himanshu Garg, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), South District, the two parties had angry exchanges after a cricket ball allegedly hit one person.

“Following that a large numbers of drunken men attacked the house of the victim and beat the family members with batons, iron rods, water pipes and hockey sticks. They beat four persons until one of them, identified as Shahid, became unconscious. All the four have suffered head injuries,” Garg said.

As per reports, the family members were also told to go to Pakistan.

The police first rounded up six people on the basis of video footage, shot by one family member, but five of them were released later. One person, identified as Mahesh Kumar, was arrested.

During the attack, some persons barged inside the house while others pelted stones from outside. The attackers kept thrashing victims even as the family members, including women, pleaded for mercy.

“A case has been filed under Sections 149, 307, 323, 427, 452 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code against unknown persons at the Bhondsi Police Station. We are in the process of identifying the accused,” Garg said.

“A Police Control Room (PCR) van has been stationed outside the victim’s house. No further violence has been reported from the area,” Garg said.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father Mohammed Shamshad claimed they tried to contact the local police many times, but they didn’t come to their rescue as attackers kept thrashing them for about half-an-hour.


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