Burqa Clad Students Humiliated, Pestered by EsselWorld Security Men

essel_worldMALEGAON, Feb 04 — The girl-students of a local college who were wearing burqa – the Muslim hijab, had a shock of their life last week when on a visit to EsselWord the security men present at the entrance harassed, subjected them to strict security check and made them wait for hours while they allowed other a smooth entry.

The security men of the EsselWorld, owned by Pan India Paryatan Pvt Ltd (PIPPL) situated in Mumbai suburbs and claimed to be the only amusement parks in India of international standards, were so harsh that they did not allow some of the staff members accompanying the students to carry milk-feeders for their babies.

“The security men insulted the burqa clad students, made them wait for hours and allowed them entry only after humiliating security checks as they helplessly watched others being allowed entry without routine security checks”, the in-charge teacher said while talking to ummid.com.

The in-charge teacher said they had booked tickets in advance and had all necessary documents with proper authentication but the security men were not ready to pay any heed to their pleas.

“We had travelled over 300-kms to reach the venue. We showed them documents and pleaded with them to behave properly. But to no avail”, he added requesting anonymity.

“What shocked us the most that there were no women security personnel, and the security men on duty were rude and inhuman in their behaviour”, he alleged.

“Still shocking was the fact that despite our repeated pleas they did not allow us to carry milk-feeders for babies some of the staff members were carrying for infants”, he said.

The ordeal of the girl students did not end here. The security men refused entry to the students who were not carrying the college identity cards even though their names were present in the list signed by the principal and they had paid the necessary charges in advance.

“We had paid a total of 12,750 rupees for 30 students based on a package charge of Rs.425/- per student. However, for the students who did not have college ID cards, the security men asked for fresh registration with regular charges”, the in-charge teacher said.—ummid.com


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