Bollywood Actress Payal Rohatgi Spews Venom Against Muslims; Spreads Communal Propaganda

Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — At a time when communal division is taking plunge in the society due to hate politics, apart from politicians some public figures from Bollywood industry are also religiously spreading communal propaganda and spewing venom against Muslims.

One of the noticed figures is Payal Rohatgi, who has worked in several Bollywood movies like Corporate, Dhol, 36 China Town and Dil Kabaddi. She puts out lame arguments, half-truth, baseless information and communal rhetoric for substantiating her hate for Indian Muslims.

Rohatgi, who also appeared in some TV serials, shares her views on Twitter which virtually spread hatred against Muslims and Christians. She retweets extremist, hardliner views of Hindutva supporters that target Muslims, opposition leaders especially Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

Rohatgi’s communal hatred and anti-Muslim propaganda came into notice when she unabashedly supported BJP chief Amit Shah’s statement calling for the implementation of NRC (National Register of Citizen). Supporting his move, she said that it is only immigrants, Muslims and Christians, who deserve to be driven out from India because their religion is not India based.

“Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists immigrants should NOT be removed from India as their religion originated in #Bharat. They have #ancestralhistory. Muslim immigrants should be removed from India as their religion didn’t originate in Bharat, we have given 2 countries from Bharat 2 them,” tweeted Rohatgi, who is a proud RSS-BJP lover.

People on Twitter slammed her when she said that Muslims are illegal migrants in India. They should go to their ancestral countries which were parted from India. “The ancestors of Hindus, and Sikhs did not demand separate country in the name of religion. The partition happened because Muslims wanted separate country. The illegal immigrants who are Muslims should go to their ancestor countries. Hindus, Budh, and Sikhs have rights over India,” she tweeted along with a video in which she unabashedly claimed that Kashmiris does not pay tax. She also called for the removal of 370 which gives Kashmir special status.

Bureaucrat-turned-politician Shah Faesal of Kashmir called out her toxic messages on Twitter. He mocked her that she is doing so because she is not getting offers in film industry. “In her latest diatribe, future chairperson of NRC, toxic – diva and Chowkidar, @Payal_Rohatgi says that @Soni_Razdan and @aliaa08 are aliens! @MaheshNBhatt @ramgopalverma20 @VishalBhardwaj Koi is ko film mein lelo sir. Twitter ka to satyanas kar rahi hai yeh!”.

Several people came forward to call her out for spreading hatred. Columnist Ravi Nair demanded to arrest her for spreading fake news and hatred.

Akshish Joshi, a civil servant, reported her account and asked Mumbai police to take action against them. He also brought these statements into the notice of the Election Commission.

Rohatgi, who abuses Alia Bhat’s mother Soni Razdan, said that Bhatt-starring Kalank promotes love jehad.

“#Kalank main actress is daughter of #SoniRazdan who wants to spread false stories of Junaid Mob lynching. Remember that this movie promotes #lovejihad. Remember that both mother-daughter duo are British citizens (who ruled us) & want to mislead innocent Indians,” she said in her another tweet.

She retweeted an image featuring popular journalists Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shekhar Gupta and Pranno Roy holding Pakistan’s flag in their hands. She justified Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s threat to Muslims for votes. She said that she is right whatever said. She has been campaigning to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya and put out videos giving religious argument for the cause.

She retweeted a photo of a news report of the Times of India titled ‘Hindu boy burnt alive by Muslims in Pune. The report is of 2016. But the digital version of the report’s headline reads ’17-year-old boy killed, police deny communal angle’.



  1. Without reference to The Article, I wish to say that all elements indulging in anti-Hindu activities with a view to exploit meek and poor for conversions by threats or inducements or abduction are de-facto against the life style of the Majority. If Western Nations, Japan, Russia, China and Australia and many more countries can issue ultimatums to Muslims to respect and follow their laws and social customs on pain of eviction, why is it wrong to consider the same By India?

    I would advise Ms Rohatgi to be precise and not seem to be targetting Muslims per se. The majority consists of followers and there a few who do the mischief of inciting, perhaps advancing alien agendas. My experienc is that Christians are more aggressive in conversions but go unreported for reasons the media may be obliged to ignore.


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