BJP MLA Seeking Votes Gets Garland of Shoes in Madhya Pradesh

A man sporting a cap in BJP colours came forward to garland the sitting legislator. — ANI

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NEW DELHI — While canvassing for the upcoming Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, BJP Lawmaker Dilip Shekhawat was greeted with a garland of shoes by a voter on Tuesday.

Shekhawat was on a visit to a village in his constituency when a man sporting party cap came forward to garland the sitting MLA but within seconds it was realised that it was garland of shoes and not of flowers, according to media report.

Dilip Shekhawat was campaigning in his constituency, seeking a second term, when he was accosted by a man who bent to touch his feet. Then in a flash, he was up and hung a garland of shoes around his marigold draped neck, reports NDTV.

The video captured the lawmaker tearing it off and lunging for the neck of his assailant. It is not known whether the man was caught.

Assembly elections will be held in Madhya Pradesh on November 28, in which the BJP is seeking a fourth straight term in power.

The Congress, however, has said there is huge anti-incumbency in the state, which would be a huge factor in the outcome of the election.

Opinion polls have predicted a victory for the Congress in the state.





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