Bhopal’s Eastern Public School Wins Global Award

Dr Mansoor Durrani of Eastern Public School receives the 3G Global Award in Istanbul, Turkey.
Dr Mansoor Durrani of Eastern Public School receives the Global Good Governance Award in Istanbul, Turkey.

Caravan Desk

BHOPAL — After having made history by graduating Bhopal’s very first batch of globally respected IB Diploma Program in May 2016, Eastern Public School the first and only IB World School of Bhopal has again brought laurel to the country’s Education scene when it is conferred with a highly coveted Global Good Governance (3G) Education Award by Cambridge Analytica, UK.

For being the world’s lowest fees IB World School, EPS was among the four unique institutions from Asia and Europe nominated for this prestigious Award. The other three nominees were Ancora Foundation Indonesia, Albukhary Foundation Malaysia and Turkey’s Sabahattin Zaim University. EPS, the winner, was selected through a month-long global online poll. Of the four contestants, EPS received the maximum votes.

The annual 3G Education Award is conferred to honor path breaking educational initiatives for improving the quality of and access to Education that enhances the well being of students and promote education as a lifelong process with sustainable, long term benefits.

Nail Olpak, the President of Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the Award to Mansoor Durrani, the Founder and Chairman of EPS at a glittering ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey last week. It was attended by a large number of political, social and pedagogical leaders from more than 30 countries, including the First Lady of Malaysia, Ms Rosmah Mansor, Princess Aisha Al Thani of Qatar, Malaysian Ambassador to Turkey Amran Mohamed and Imam Malik Mujahid of US.

On receiving the award, Mansoor Durrani underlined the urgent need to restructure educational landscape. He said “The humanity is at dangerous crossroads. Massive economic disparities, political and social unrest are staring at us. No society is immune from these threats – including those that seem “peaceful and stable” at the moment. This situation has not come to pass overnight. It has been a result of decades-long neglect of how we schooled ourselves in the past. This is merely a harvest time of what we sowed.”

He said: “To create a better future, we must completely overhaul our schooling system where the future of our society is fashioned. And the core of our focus should be developing a culture of “giving and forgiving” apart from teaching humanities, math, science and languages. Contrary to the present culture of greed and violence, we believe these twin-traits will raise a breed of entrepreneurs, technocrats, scientists, lawyers, doctors, bankers and teachers who will demonstrate empathy, generosity and compassion. Developing such a culture has been our mission at EPS. Every moment we try to set examples of “giving and forgiving” for our kids to emulate. We feel our efforts are now showing early signs of success in transforming our coming generations. And receiving the 3G Award is also a part of that evidence!”

Eastern Public School ( is located in the Central Indian City if Bhopal. A co-education school, EPS is the first total Islamic IB World School in Eurasia. It was established in 2003 in a small 4-room house with one teacher and one student. It is a not-for-profit school with a mission to build a strong intellectual and moral base of our coming generations through world-class education. To attain this goal, EPS offers all the 3 programs of International Baccalaureate from Nursery to Grade 12, in a holistic Islamic environment.


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