Bakarwal Minor Girl Raped in Jammu, A Horrific Reminder of Kathua Incident


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SRINAGAR — Barely after a year of the horrendous rape and murder of a minor girl of the same community in Kathua, another minor girl, from the nomadic tribe of the Bakarwal community, was raped in the Ramban district in Jammu and Kashmir reportedly by a local from Hindu community.

The 13-years-old victim is believed to be raped some three months back and the victim kept the incident hidden out of the fear of the attacker who had threatened her with dire consequences. She didn’t tell anybody till she realized that she was three months pregnant.

The girl was made to undergo abortion.

The innocent minor girl of Bakarwal community was raped in the Ramban district. Ramban is over 120 km from Jammu on the Srinagar highway. The victim’s village is 15 km from the town.

She was grazing cattle near the woods when the attacker caught hold of her and raped her, and also beaten her up on her protests until she lost consciousness.

The victim’s father reportedly said: “She told us that she pleaded before them, but they beat her up and one of them raped her till she lost consciousness. She doesn’t how many times she was raped.”

On investigation, it was reportedly revealed that the minor nomad girl was allegedly raped by a “group of locals” in Ramsoo area of Ramban district in Jammu and Kashmir.

The incident has created massive outrage in Ramsoo village, where the family lived. This incident is reminiscent of the infamous Kathua rape which took place in January 2018, where an eight-year-old Bakarwal girl was allegedly raped by the locals of the village.

 A local website, The Kashmirwalla, also reported that the girl’s family was the only Muslim family amongst around 20-30 Non-Muslim families.

A case has been filed by the victim’s mother at the Ramsoo police station on January 4. The police have arrested a local Sanju Singh, son of Gaja Singh of Vernal village in Ramsoo.

Some terrified locals are seeing such rape cases as an attempt to dislodge Muslims from the Jammu region.


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