60% of Modi Followers on Twitter Are Fake: Report

screenshot of twitter handle of Narendra Modi


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NEW DELHI: With 41 million followers on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the most followed politicians on the micro blogging site. However, a recent analysis has revealed that Modi is on top among world leaders with fake followers.

An infographic prepared by Twiplomacy and made public last month reveals the percentage of fake followers of some top world personalities.

This shows that Modi has 60% fake followers on Twitter, followed by Pope Francis with 59% fake followers. US President Donald Trump has 37% fake followers.  The data about fake followers has been determined by Twitter Audit.

“World Leaders and their Fake followers. Some of the most followed world leaders and their share of bot followers as determined by http://twitteraudit.com . Graphics prepared by @Saosasha @gzeromedia #DigitalDiplomacy,” tweeted Twiplomacy on 21 February.

The revelation about fake followers of Modi has pushed his critics to come up with comments.

“24.3 million followers of @NarendraModi are fake, according to this study. He has the highest number of fake followers in the world, mainly manufactured in that hate-bot factory called the BJP IT Cell, and its various offshoots. So what does this tell you of his Government?” asked Angshukanta, a Twitter user.

Tamil Nadu unit of Congress party tweeted: “Well…. Wow. Modi ji is number one leader in the world, having more % of fake followers in Twitter. !!!”

Priyanka Chaturvedi, one of national spokespersons of Congress, commented: “Fake promises, fake vision & now revealed, 60% fake following too….not to miss, our PM is number one on that front, a first in India!”


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